Whoopro- self service platform for brands and influencers

Whoopro – A Self-Service Influencer Marketing Platform, Connecting Brands and Influencers

Whoopro, a Ghanaian based self-service influencer marketing platform was created to address the challenges faced by influencers and brands during a social media marketing campaign.

Influencer marketing is an aspect of online marketing that came into existence through social media. It has become one of the marketing strategies that brands are using to create awareness and to market their goods and services.

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing whereby brands collaborate with social media influencers to endorse their brands or products and services to their followers.

Influencers are individuals who have built a trusted community on social media because of their expertise in a particular field. Some celebrities can also be considered as influencers.

Not all famous people or people with a large following on social media are influencers. Some people buy followers from online platforms just to prove that they are famous and have attained the influencer position but most of their followers are bots which will not have any positive influence on whatever those accounts promote on their profile.

This challenge and others have made it difficult for brands to find and work with influencers on their social media campaigns.


Whoopro provides 3 solutions to address the challenges currently facing brands and influencers when it comes to influencer marketing- they are:

  • To help brands find the right influencers to work with.
  • Help influencers earn more using their influence
  • Provide a platform where both influencers and brands can have real-time reports and analytics.


1. Brands: Find the right influencers to work with

Whoopro helps you find the influencers who are ready to work with your brand and whose followers will be interested in your brand. Get your brand in front of the audience that matters to you.

2. Influencers: Earn more money from influencing

Get paid for talking about the brands you love on social media. As an influencer, you get paid for endorsing brands or products and services to your audience. Whoopro makes it easy for you to earn money for your efforts on social media.

3. Brand and Influencers: Get real-time reporting and analytics from the platform

Whoopro makes it possible for brands and influencers to monitor campaigns in real-time. The platform gives you access to export your campaign analytics and report with transparency. You have access to modify your campaign anytime to suit your needs.

Whoopro Sets Your Brand Apart In 5 Ways

  • Allows brands to manage all their campaigns on one single dashboard
  • Allows brands to get real-time and analytics on all their campaigns
  • Brands get value for what they spend on the platform
  • Makes it possible for brands to position themselves well on social media
  • Makes it possible for brands to have a live chat with the influencers they choose to work with

How Does Whoopro Work

Whoopro works in two ways, that is, for brands and influencers. Let’s look at how Whoopro works for both parties:

For Brands

As a brand, you can get started on Whoopro in five easy steps:

Whoopro for brands
Image Source: Whoopro.com
  1. Signup

To get started, you have to signup for an account and subscribe to your preferred plan for your brand.

  1. Create a Campaign

After creating your account and signing in, you have to create a campaign for your brand and define your business goals and KPI’s.

  1. Select Influencers

You then proceed to choose the influencer or influencers you want to work with.

  1. Set Your Budget

The next step is for you to add funds for your campaign and set how much you want to spend on that particular campaign.

  1. Go Live

Check the preview of your campaign to see if everything is okay. Press the Go button and start creating engagements, awareness, and conversions.

For Influencers

Influencers can get started and make money in 4 easy steps:

Whoopro for influencers


  1. Download and install the app

Influencers can get on board by going to Play Store or App Store to download and install the Whoopro App.

  1. Signup and complete your profile

You can choose to signup by using your email address or sign in the easy way with your Facebook or Twitter account and fill out the profile form by importing your information from your social media accounts.

  1. Choose a campaign and join

Now, go to the campaign column, select and join the campaign of your interest.

  1. Share and earn

Read the campaign instructions, then go ahead to create the content based on the requirements and KPI’s spelled out by the brand you want to work with and share the content on your social media accounts to start earning.



1. Who qualifies to be an influencer on Whoopro?

Ans: Anyone qualifies to be an influencer on Whoopro as long as you have a social media presence and followers. That is, you should have a Facebook page/Business account, an Instagram Business account, or a Twitter account.

2. How many followers do I need before I can become an influencer on Whoopro?

Ans: The number of followers doesn’t really count but the number of followers you have determines how much you will earn on the platform.

3. Who creates the campaign message?

Ans: The Brand Manager decides which campaign they’d like to run and the contents of the campaign. The Brand Manager usually guides the influencer by setting some guidelines to inform what the influencer may or may not post and how they can easily go about it. A Brand Manager may also craft the content for you the way they want it and leave the posting aspect to you to execute as they cant do that on your behalf.

4. If I have over 3k followers, how much am I worth?

Ans: Your worth is not only determined by your followers, there are several other factors involved. You are welcome to check your worth by installing the app and importing their social account with the 3k following to learn how much you can earn. Everyone who joins whoopro and imports their social account can see their worth.



If you are a brand and you are considering influencer marketing for your social media brand positioning, then Whoopro is the platform that will help you to achieve your business goal.

For influencers looking for avenues to make money for endorsing brands or products and services of brands, Whoopro is the platform that will help you achieve your dream.

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