What Is Clubhouse App? How to Get Started

What Is Clubhouse App? How to Get Started

I heard about Clubhouse in one of my Facebook influencers group. One Saturday night, while relaxing and scrolling through the Facebook influencer group’s posts, I saw a post from one of the moderators who was requesting an invite into the clubhouse app, an app described as an audio-based social app.

I quickly went to Google to do my research about the audio-based app because of the fear of missing out (FOMO). After having enough knowledge about the clubhouse app, I was so excited and decided to download the app and get things running. I was disappointed when I received a message from them stating that I was on the virtual waitlist. You can’t get enough information about the app unless you’ve joined through someone’s invite; yes, you need to be invited by someone who is already on the clubhouse app before you can join.

This article will tell you everything about the Clubhouse app and how to get started.

What Is the Clubhouse App?

Clubhouse app is an invite-only audio-based social media platform that allows participants to move from one virtual clubhouse room to the other discussing TV shows, sports, entertainment, arts, and culture. It’s just like a podcast, but this time it is live with moderators moderating the session. Many celebrities have caught up with the clubhouse drive. Will you join?

There is no recording when it comes to Clubhouse; every audio remains on the app. That’s the main rule.

A recent update to the app has made it possible for people to listen to discussions in a virtual clubhouse room while doing their everyday activities.

How Do You Get into A Clubhouse?

To get an invite to join this fantastic audio-based social platform, you need to be invited by someone who has already joined the platform. Clubhouse is very exclusive, and once you get the opportunity to join, you will also be able to give access to another person to join the platform.

However, if you are eager to join the platform and can’t wait for someone somewhere to give you an invite, then the best thing to do is to make a post on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and ask your connections for an invite in case they have one. Putting out a simple post with the #clubhouse can help you to reach potential clubhouse users who have an invite.

Besides getting an invitation from users directly, if you have more friends already on the Clubhouse, you can increase your chances of getting an invite from the app itself by downloading the app and reserving your username. The app will occasionally pick up on one of your friends and send you a direct invite.


How do I invite people to my clubhouse app?

Once you join the platform, you can also invite people to join you. To invite people, click on:

  • The notifications button in the app
  • The paragraph mentioning the invites
  • Then hop over to your contacts and send those you want to invite a text from the app. (The clubhouse team has already written the text, and it includes an invite link for people to join)


How many invites do you get on Clubhouse?

Clubhouse allows each new user to invite only one person; that is, the app allocates one invite to each new user, and as time goes on, it assigns extra three invites to you. So, if you joined the app through an invite from an existing user, you can pick up to four of your family and friends to join you in Clubhouse.


Starting A Virtual Room in Clubhouse App

For you to create a room in the clubhouse app and start an audio conversation with your community, simply click on the Start a room button found at the bottom of the app.

And then add a topic of what your chat will be about and then choose who can join your room. You have three options, which are;

  • Everyone on Clubhouse
  • People you follow
  • People you invite to the room.

Then you can start the room. For now, you can’t invite anyone outside the app to join your room; they have to be on the platform before they can join your room.


Is Clubhouse available on Android?

The app is still in its beta phase, so for now, it’s only available on iOS devices. Android users cannot join Clubhouse as of now.

When Did Clubhouse Launch?

It launched back in April 2020. It was founded by the Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Paul Davison and Rohan Smith, an Ex-Google employee. According to CNBC, the app was valued at around $100 million with only 1,500 users by the end of May.

Who Is Part of The Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is still in its beta phase, so they are keeping things very small. Not too many people are on the app now.

However, some prominent people on the app include comedians Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish alongside Hollywood actors Ashton Kutcher and Jared Leto. We have famous musicians like Drake, Estelle, Lupe Fiasco, and 21 Savage also on the platform. Our own Queen of chat shows Oprah is also live on the chat platform.

How Do I Change My Clubhouse App Name?

Clubhouse creates names and URLs of all clubhouses during the setup stage, but it allows you to change them to what you wish.

To change your clubhouse name, website, location, and UTC offset go to:

  • The settings gear wheel
  • And click on Workspace settings > General Settings.


You Can Use Clubhouse as A Social Media Listening Tool

You can use Clubhouse for social monitoring and listening. Instead of joining Clubhouse to create and share content with other users on the app, you can decide to join virtual rooms relevant to the industry you find yourself in and then listen to all the discussions they have around your industry and related keywords.

You can also follow people who are experts or thought leaders in your industry. To find and follow people in your industry, click on the settings wheel and type in the keywords that are relevant to your industry, people who have those keywords in their profiles will pop up for you to follow them.

You can follow anyone you find relevant to your industry and listen to what they have to share.



Clubhouse is gradually catching up with the people, so it makes sense to sign up and secure an account on the platform.

Once you sign up and join the platform, you can listen to what people discuss in your area of expertise or your industry; maybe there are specific topics you need to catch up on. You can move on to another virtual room of your choice to learn about what is going on in other industries.

Keep in mind that things evolve. Back in the days when Facebook was launched, I was reluctant to join the platform, but now I manage Facebook pages for brands and get paid to do that. They did evolve.

If you have an active following, tribe, or community and want to engage them by audio, Clubhouse is worth the effort.

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