What Are the Best Social Media Platforms for Influencer Marketing

What Are the Best Social Media Platforms for Influencer Marketing?

Most social media platforms have come and gone, but several have also stood the test of time and have grown into marketing channels for most brands. One of the important marketing tools that social media birthed is influencer marketing.

Social media serves as a platform where influencers and brands meet and collaborate on marketing campaigns.

As more and more brands invest in social media influencer marketing, some brands tend to ask some familiar set of questions. Where to find the right influencers, how to find them, and how to measure the ROI of their influencer campaigns.

Before looking at the answers to any of those questions, brands need to determine which social media platforms are the best for influencer marketing. Choosing which social media channel is best for influencer marketing can be tricky—social media is continually evolving. They change their algorithms, add new features, and introduce different content formats.

The constant changes that these social media platforms go through have different implications for influencer marketing.

Let’s look at how we can identify the right social media channels for an influencer marketing campaign.

How to Identify the Right Social Media Channels for Influencer Campaigns?

Identifying the best social media platforms for your influencer marketing campaign can be a bit of a challenge if you don’t test the various channels and get enough data. The data you gather from testing each channel helps you identify the channels that your audience likes to engage your brand and how they behave on the various channels.

Once you know the best social channels which can help you achieve your marketing objectives, you should focus on them. As you expand your reach and add new channels and techniques to your influencer campaigns, you learn which plan beats the other.

Define your influencer marketing campaign goals

While brands mainly use influencers to boost sales and revenue, most of them also collaborate with influencers to achieve many business goals and objectives. For example, influencers can drive engagement, promote brand awareness, create authentic and engaging content.

Social media channels like Facebook and Instagram allow blogger influencers to create and share authentic content with their audience, leading to a boost in your website traffic and building quality backlinks.

YouTube and Twitch allow influencers to serve a specific niche audience using videos, building a long-term relationship. They create well-researched in-depth niche content to serve their audience, making them recognized as thought leaders in their industry. Brands are seen as industry authorities when they leverage the popularity of influencers in their marketing campaign.

TikTok, the new social media network, is rising through the ranks with its fast-growing user base. Many marketers, brands, and entrepreneurs are using the platform to drive brand awareness.

As we pick each social media channel and reveal its power on influencer marketing, be sure to keep your business objectives in mind.

Find out the social media channels your target audience is using.

After defining your objectives, you should check the platforms that your audience is using for you to focus your influencer campaign there. For your objectives to be fulfilled, you need to get your content to your target audience, so it is important to know which platforms they are likely to spend their time on.

Find influencers whose niche aligns with your brand.

Collaborating with the right influencers is the next step to take after defining your objectives and identifying your target audience’s platforms. Not all influencers are suitable for your marketing campaign; you should find influencers whose niche aligns with your brand, check how their audience engage with industry content, their relationship with their audience, and their posting style.

Finding the right influencers can increase the success rate of your influencer marketing campaigns.


Best Social Media Channels for Influencer Marketing In 2021


When it comes to rich social media platforms for influencers, Instagram tops the chart. It is a platform that empowers creatives and influencers to create authentic and engaging content for their audience. Influencers use this platform to build a trustworthy community of audience interested in their industry; they then leverage their popularity to endorse brands or promote products and services to their audience.

Why It Is Successful

As a platform, Instagram has its own native analytics system, which is available for brands and influencers. The social platform has a feature called Instagram creator profile, which allows influencers to be informed about their audience’s behavior and what content they find interesting.

Influencers have built a dedicated audience who trust the products and services recommended by the influencers. Brands need to research the influencers they want to work with to make sure they create authentic content and have high-quality engagement.

Ways to Use Instagram Influencers for Your Marketing Campaign

Carousels. Carousels are one of the trending posting styles on Instagram. It allows influencers, marketers, and businesses to post multiple images and videos in one post. Influencers who want to use the carousel option on Instagram have to make sure their content is summarized in ten pics or videos because that is what Instagram allows. Brands can leverage on carousels and ask the influencers they want to partner with, to feature a significant amount of engaging content within a carousel.

Instagram Posts. Instagram post makes room for shopping ads and repurposed content. Influencers can convert a brand’s top-performing videos or images into newsfeed ads that don’t look like ads. The app has shopping ads feature that makes users shop on an e-commerce store without leaving the app.

Instagram Stories. It gives influencers and brands 24 hours to get more visibility on their post. With this feature, influencers can add a sense of urgency to their influencer campaign message. Stories boost follower engagement rate by answering polls, chats, sharing, swiping up to access a link, tags, and many more.

Instagram Takeovers. Instagram takeover is when brands allow influencers they trust to “take over” their social page to endorse a product or service, boost sales, promote unique content, etc. influencers create and post content as the brand behind the account, but they make use of hashtags to inform followers that a takeover has taken place.

The Instagram team recently introduced Instagram reels so that it will have a chance to compete with the new video social platform called TikTok. Reels allows users to record and upload videos of themselves with editing and music features. Users can make professional videos just by using Instagram Reels.



TikTok is a social media platform that allows users to create short vertical videos of themselves. It has many features, including options to edit, add music, and adjust the playback speed.

The app has led to a significant boost in younger generations using social media. It has introduced a new set of notable influencers with which brands can choose and collaborate with.

Why It Is Successful

It is easy to make and edit a video even if you don’t have any videography experience. It is easy for people to watch short videos, so this social media app has become more popular. There are many features that the app has which users can use in engaging their followers, which other social media platforms do not have.

Ways to Use TikTok Influencers for Your Marketing Campaign

TikTok allows users to add hashtags to their posts when writing their caption. There is no limit on the number of hashtags you can under in the caption section. Adding brand-influencer hashtags draw the attention of followers and make them contribute to ongoing user-generated content.

TikTok allows influencers to do a before-and-after video post because of its feature, which allows for the combination of multiple videos in one post.

TikTok duets. This feature allows users to follow along with a celebrity or an influencer post, such as an exercise, a speech, dance, or sing-off. Influencers can ask their followers to use the feature and create user-generated content for their followers.

TikTok challenges. TikTok challenges is another brilliant way for influencers to boost audience engagement on their page. It works like this; the influencer shows a simple trick or move and invites his/her followers to take up the challenge.



YouTube is a platform that is similar to Instagram. It is used for creating long-form video content on specific niches. The best performing channels on the app are from the influencers who produce in-depth videos for the industry they represent.

Why It Is Successful

YouTube is home for both entertainment and education. Most of the best DIY, how-to, and product review videos can be found there. Most people go to YouTube to learn digital skills and to entertain themselves.

Ways to Use YouTube Influencers for Your Marketing Campaign

Brands and influencers can collaborate and do how-to videos to show their authority in their industry to their audience. They can create how-to videos to guide their audience on developing a new skill in their niche or industry or how to use a particular brand product and services.

Before buying a product, many people go online to look for product reviews before they make a purchase. Brands can ask their influencers to review their product in the best possible way on their channel and inspire their audience to try the product.

There are also FAQ videos on YouTube. Influencers do FAQ videos for their audience who are looking for knowledge. Brands whose audience is looking for knowledge can use this opportunity to get exposure for themselves by asking influencers to create more FAQ videos around the niche.



Influencers who are bloggers can use their blogs to promote a brand and its product and services. Blogger influencers have their own blogs where they use content in a particular niche to influence their audience. Because they specialize in specific niches, their audience sees them as industry experts, and they trust any products the blogger influencers recommend.

Why It Is Successful

Because blogger influencers want to be seen as industry experts, they have to do thorough research on any subject they want to write about. They put in the work to write well-researched and engaging content, which makes their audience keep coming back to their blog for more in-depth articles written by them.

Ways to Use Blogger Influencers for Your Marketing Campaign

Blogger influencers have similar roles as YouTube influencers, they all create great content on a subject matter, but bloggers don’t create videos; they present their content in writing. They write how-to and DIY articles to help their audience do simple tricks and tips by themselves.

Bloggers can also drive traffic to your product or service page by writing your brand’s product reviews on their blog. Readers enjoy informative articles that tell them everything about a product, from how to use it to how it will benefit them. Ask your blogger influencers to write articles on product reviews for your brand.

Storytelling helps to present your brand as authentic to your customers. Storytelling blogger influencers can tell your brand’s story in a way that your audience will fall in love with. Blogger influencers can tell a story around your product or services to your audience in a way that will appeal to them.


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Facebook is the largest social media platform hosting a lot of digital influencers. Through Facebook groups, different posting styles, Instagram integration, and other features, brands can leverage the platform for an influencer marketing campaign.

Why It Is Successful

Facebook is one of the world’s biggest social platforms, which houses the widest age-range audience and gives opportunities for brands to collaborate with influencers on different major influencer marketing projects. The platform is a great place for brands and influencers to collaborate.

Ways to Use Facebook Influencers for Your Marketing Campaign

Influencers can create and share authentic content about the brands they collaborate with on their Facebook feed. They can use brand’s hashtags in the content they share with their audience or tag the brands when sharing their content.

Facebook live feature can be used by brands and influencers to host a product review session or a Q and A session with their audience. This strategy makes users feel like they are part of the brand. Users can interact with brands on Facebook Live by asking questions in the comment section.

Influencers use Facebook groups to teach and provide help to their audience. Many users ask for a product recommendation, reviews, opinions on a particular subject matter, etc. Facebook groups are similar to forums.



Twitch is in the live social media platform category. It was created as a social platform for gamers, but it now serves as a community for fans in podcasts, music, and industry thought experts.

The social platform provides opportunities for influencers to make money through partnerships and affiliate marketing. Users with a large following are seen as upcoming influencers.

Why It Is Successful

Twitch is enjoyed by the male population who are under 35 years old. It still serves its primary purpose as a channel for gamer fans, though users are employing ways to use the platform beyond gaming.

Twitch is best used for live video broadcasting. Twitch videos boost user engagement and also favorable for product review, brand endorsement, and tutorials. Influencers can promote brand-sponsored content through their live videos.

Ways to Use Twitch Influencers for Your Marketing Campaign

Twitch can be used to test products in a live video. Products that are mostly reviewed on Twitch are video games and software. Brands can ask influencers to review their product in a live session with their fans.

Influencers can use the platform to demonstrate how to use a particular product to their fans. This strategy is more popular among cooks and musicians. The platform provides a vast opportunity for product tutorials.

Twitch can be used to introduce new products, seminars, podcasts, and more to followers through online events. Influencers can use the live event feature to get attention from their followers to their product releases.



Influencer marketing has the power to increase brand visibility, boost engagement, drive traffic to a website, and increase sales. But you need to consider many important factors to make your influencer campaign a success. They include: what your goals and objectives are, who is your target audience, and the best social channel to achieve your campaign goals.

It is important to master one or two social media channels when starting your campaign. But once you realize your campaign goals and objectives are being met on those platforms, and you feel comfortable with the results, you should find and test other channels. You may find a new audience who will be interested in your brand or great influencers who you didn’t know before.

Experimenting and testing new methods with various channels and influencers will make you aware of what works for your brand and what doesn’t so that you can fine-tune your strategy for maximum ROI.


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