Top 7 Smart Instagram Automation Tools For Marketers

Top 7 Smart Instagram Automation Tools For Marketers

As marketers and entrepreneurs, we all know how important time is.

The more time you invest in unproductive activity, the less growth you can achieve in your online activities.

Being active as a brand on social media is very vital in building trust and loyalty in your audience, but it is very challenging to keep up with it as you also need more time to create valuable content for your audience.

Instagram as well as the other social media networks have different times that users become most active. If you want to interact with your audience, you need to post content at these peak times.

As a marketer or entrepreneur, you need to keep up with posting content at these peak times always, but we all know how hectic and time-consuming that could be so it is advisable to use Instagram automation tools to deliver the job seamlessly.

The automation tools were designed to make social media marketing more efficient. It gives you time to write all the good content you have for your audience and schedule your post ahead of time to be delivered at the time that you find favorable or the peak times that your audience will be active on the platform.

The automation tools do not only help you to bulk schedule and distribute your content but also analyze engagement and show the kind of content that your audience is looking for.

In this article, we are going to give you the best Instagram automation tools on the internet for marketers and entrepreneurs. Take your time, read through, and select the one that suits your marketing needs.

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Smart Instagram Automation Tools For Marketers


1.  Agorapulse

Agorapulse is an Instagram automation tool that allows you to schedule posts and distribute them to your audience at the right time.

It is a full social media management software.

Aside from Instagram, you can also schedule content for other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. It allows you to adjust each post to make it suitable for each platform.

The tool is affordable and it has four plans to choose from. The difference between the plans, is the number of social profiles and users you can manage, data retention, and ad monitoring.


2.  Ingramer

Ingramer is one of the powerful Instagram automation tools on the web. It is simple and effective in handling your automation needs.

Ingramer has been programmed to work as a real human so it is very difficult for Instagram to ban any account using this tool. You can chat their support for any assistant in using their software.

It helps you grow your account effortlessly. It also helps you analyze your account performance so that you will know what is working for you and capitalize on that.


3. SocialCaptain

SocialCaptain is a powerful AI-powered software that boosts performance. It helps with targeting and it gives real-time analytics.

This automation tool is one of the best. It helps your account in many ways, including attracting real followers, likes, and increasing real engagement.

It is not just an automation tool but it can grow your account very fast as compared to other automation software. Its turbo plan delivers the desired results 10X faster than other automation software. If you are looking at growing your follower base then you should consider this automation tool.


4. Hashtagsforlikes

Hashtags serve as a better way to put your content in front of a new audience but many individuals find it difficult and time-consuming to get the right trending hashtags for their niche. Some brands even outsource this daunting task.

Getting the right hashtags for your content is very crucial in every marketing strategy because without it, your content’s visibility is only targeted to your followers on your feed.

Hashtagsforlikes has an inbuilt analytic tool that evaluates each hashtag so that you can choose the right ones that will work for your content. It gives you insight on all suggested hashtags for you to select the one that suits your niche and content type.


5. Kicksta

Kicksta saves you time and helps you build your following organically. It is one of the best organic automation tools which has proven to be effective in growing targeted following.

Kicksta will do all the job by promoting your content or products to your audience while you get enough time to create valuable content for your audience.

The tool helps you build a real following and ensures that engagement is genuine. You don’t have to worry about the quality of your followers, leave everything to the growth tool.


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6. Instavast

Instavast is an all in one Instagram marketing tool. It allows you to automate your comment, likes, follow, unfollow, DM messaging, and all posting activities.

The tool allows you to add unlimited accounts, gives you statistics and analytics report of all activities, targets the relevant audience for your niche, and helps you find interesting hashtags for your niche.

They give you access to some Instagram tools on their website for free. They have Instagram free tools like Instagram hashtag generator, Instagram banned hashtags, Instagram downloader, and Instagram username to ID converter.

They have a 100% money-back guarantee so there is absolutely no risk involved. The tools that they offer are all priced separately.


7. Upleap

You will like this automation tool because the pricing options are very good. The prices start from $39 per month.

It allows you to try its services free for 3 days without asking for your credit card details. You can use the free trial to see if it is a good fit for your marketing strategy. It has proven to be effective and reliable in increasing engagement and growing Instagram followers.

Each paid member gets a personalized account manager who is there to assist you anytime with issues you may face whiles using the automation tool.



Automation tools are not to take over all your human activities, they are designed to help you with repetitive tasks, like following and following back, liking posts, commenting on posts, and sending private messages. The rest of the activities need to be done by you, like creating high-quality content and replying to comments on your posts.

Another mistake to watch out for, is the automated comment that you schedule on the automation tool, when your followers notice that your comment is generic, they may unfollow you since they want to interact with an account with a real human behind it, so you should be careful when crafting your comment.


It is not surprising that a lot of marketers and entrepreneurs are searching for good automation tools for their Instagram growth. Growing on Instagram is time-consuming, so it is best to outsource some of the repetitive tasks to these automation tools so that you can have more time to create good content.

I hope you will find what you are looking for in an Instagram automation tool in one of the tools that I shared in this article. Don’t forget to share with us, the experience you had with these automation tools.


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