Top 5 Most Profitable Instagram Niche Ideas 2021

Top 5 Most Profitable Instagram Niche Ideas 2021

When it comes to making money online, many experts say that the money is in the niches. Even though you can make money in niches, there are some niches that you can easily and quickly monetize. The most profitable Instagram niche ideas are those that your target audience typically spends a lot of money on.

The internet & social media have changed the ways by which an individual can make money. You don’t necessarily need to build a website in order to establish a profitable business – all you need now is just an Instagram account and a profitable niche idea.

Instagram has grown to become one of the most powerful marketing machines on the internet. Many influencers, brands, digital creators, solopreneurs, and many more are now using Instagram to build their business.

You can build a profitable six-figure business(es) on Instagram only if you could find a profitable niche and build a community around it.

It will not be an overnight success, but if you’re willing to put in the hard work, it is possible to build a business out of it and quit that job you have longed to exit.

Are you ready to discover the most profitable Instagram niche ideas?

The exciting part is, you don’t even have to worry about creating your own product if you don’t have one.


How to find a niche for Instagram

The prominent problem people face when starting a business on social media is how to find a niche idea. Honestly, searching for niche ideas can be a bit difficult and tricky: you could come up with a list of all your passions & interest and at the end feel like you haven’t discovered what will be your pick for a niche idea to pursue.

If you are trying to find a niche idea but facing some challenges on what to pick and work with, use these four tips to help you find your niche:


  • Find your passion and interest.

This tip is crucial when starting a new business. When you are beginning to build a business around something you don’t feel passionate about or do not have any interest in, it sometimes becomes difficult to find the drive to push it forward.

It may seem to be a very basic point, but it is critical and contributes to your niche business’s success.

Few tips to help you find your passion and interest:

  • What topics or subject matter interest you the most? Which businesses do you follow and subscribe to their newsletter?
  • What do you like to do when you are not actively working? What do you plan to do but haven’t had the time to pursue?
  • Which forums or social media groups do you belong to?


  • Search for problems you can solve

After finding your passion and interest, write down a list of topics you find passionate about. Filter out the less relevant ones and narrow it down to the most relevant ones.

When building a profitable social media business, you need to identify your potential customers’ problems in the topics you discovered around your passion and interest and find out how to solve those problems.

Tips to help you find problems in niches:

  • Create a survey around your topic and ask your target audience to give you their feedback. Your questions should help you determine their pain points.
  • Take advantage of forums. Visit forums around your niche, go on Reddit, Quora, and search for questions that people ask around your niche. The problems that they are facing in the niche. The type of products they are looking forward to having, to solve their challenges.
  • Do keyword research. Use keyword tools like Google AdWords keyword planner and Google Trends to find keyword ideas around your niche. By doing keyword research, you are possibly going to find keywords associated with pain points.


  • Background search on your competition

Having competitors in your niche isn’t a bad idea. They will guide you on your journey to finding out if your niche is profitable or not. You need to find almost all the competitors in your niche to help you make an informed decision on whether to enter the niche or not.

Once you find all the niche competitors, you have to determine if there is still a gap to fill in the niche; that will be your gold. Is there a sub-niche in the niche that you can take advantage of?

Few tips to help you determine if you can enter a niche and become profitable:

  • Low-quality content. It is easy to enter a niche and become profitable if most of your competitors produce low quality and less valuable content for their audience.
  • Presence of sub-niche. If there are untapped sub-niches in the niche, it is an opportunity to enter and build a business around the sub-niche. An example of a general niche is “weight loss,” and a sub-niche is “weight loss for women over 35”.


  • Identify the profitability of your niche.

After getting an idea of what niche you want to enter, find out if your competitors are monetizing their content and where they are getting their offers from.

Find out if you can create a product and promote it around the niche. Make notes of the prices on the market and craft your price to make it competitive.

Secondly, you can go on ClickBank and search for products in your niche; if you find tons of quality products from your search results, then it is a niche you should enter.


What are the best Instagram niche ideas for 2021?

  • Health and Wellness Niche
  • Wealth and Motivation Niche
  • Relationship and Love Niche
  • Sports and Games Niche
  • Personal Brand


Instagram Niche Idea #1: Health and Wellness Niche

The health and wellness niche is massive on Instagram.

There is a lot of money to make in this niche because it is a huge market, but because many people are doing this niche on Instagram, you either go in and create unique quality content that stands out, or you tackle a sub-niche under it.

Don’t let this scare you because:

There are more wellness and fitness brands on the market. With new ones emerging every day and ready to spend money on influencers on Instagram in order to gain visibility for their product;

You can possibly grow your account and drive traffic to affiliate offers in this niche.

To become successful in this niche, you have to pick a sub-niche inside the health and wellness niche – for example, “Vegan diet” or “Vegan fitness” and grow your Instagram account focused on this. It makes it very easy to monetize your audience since you know their interest and have an idea about which product to sell to them.

Sub-niches under Health and Wellness niche:

  • Appetite control strategies
  • Stress management
  • Yoga
  • Asthma Treatment
  • Anti-aging

Monetization: Start affiliate marketing (supplements), partner with different brands in this niche (paid brand deals), collaborate with fitness coaches who want to grow their profile, and promote their profile to your audience, e-books, fitness gadgets.  


Instagram Niche Idea #2: Wealth and Motivation Niche

This is the most potential Instagram niche that can make you a lot of money. It comes with a lot of competition and at the same time offers an opportunity to make a lot of money.

Examples of pages in this niche are:

  • Business pages
  • Motivational pages
  • Marketing pages
  • Investing pages

There is a lot of audiences to serve in the wealth and motivation niche.

Many people are trying to learn how to make money on Instagram, and a lot of people are also looking for motivation to do what they want to achieve in life. So, it is possible to grow your Instagram account around this niche and make more money by monetizing your page if you can create interesting content for your audience.

NB: Beware of scams and misinformation: Because this niche tackles most people’s desires on the internet, many scammers are trying to create fake products to take advantage of people’s desires. Promote genuinely useful products, even if it means that will take you some time to grow your Instagram account.

Monetization: Promoting relevant products and services, selling courses on digital marketing, social media marketing, promoting a subscription-based product that keeps one motivated daily.


Instagram Niche Idea #3: Relationship and Love Niche

This Instagram niche idea is slightly less competitive but has a lot of competition in it.

Accounts in this niche create content like:

  • Photos
  • Quotes
  • Relationship tips
  • Etc.

Helping people create better relationships in life, be it:

  • Marriage
  • Friendship
  • Business
  • Relationships

It will always be appreciated. Every individual wants to be loved in this world.

People are always looking for tips to improve their relationship, and showing them that you can help them will boost their trust in you and will be easy to promote or recommend a product to them.

Sub-niches under Relationship and Love niche:

  • Dating after Divorce
  • Christian Dating
  • Relationship Problems
  • Biker Dating
  • Internet Dating


Monetization: E-commerce and dropshipping, sell products the couples will enjoy (hoodies, necklaces, flowers, etc.), selling course of experts in this field, webinars, consultation, events, e-books.


Instagram Niche Idea #4: Sports and Games Niche

The sports and games niche is also a profitable Instagram niche idea to look into, but you can’t do sports in general. All of the different sports niches have the potential to make you money, but you have to build a specific niche in the sports niche category if you want to become successful.

Go very specific:

It could be a page about

  • Tennis
  • Wheelchair Tennis
  • Mini-Tennis
  • American Football
  • Golf
  • Cycling

Whatever sports you like, and can create and post content about all day long.

Growing a channel in this niche is not different from all the above niches we’ve discussed in this article; it also needs great and relevant content with consistent posting.

Monetization: Selling sporting products like golf bags, golf cups, golf mugs, golf shirts, etc., partner with brands, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, promoting apps in the sporting niche.


Instagram Niche Idea #5: Personal Brand

The last and probably the most profitable Instagram niche to talk about is the personal brand niche.

When you decide to grow an Instagram account around the personal brand category, you still need to pick a niche in this field; you can’t just be posting random picks about you traveling, posing for the camera, playing sports, and many more and expect to build a target audience.

You would have to pick a specific niche, potentially under the niche ideas we’ve discussed above or a sub-niche under those niches.

For example: If you are a fitness trainer trying to build your personal brand in your niche or an investor trying to teach people how to grow their investment.

Even if you are not a coach, trainer, or expert and want to create a personal brand, you can start by posting relevant and valuable content around a topic you are passionate about and build an audience around it.

Don’t pretend to be an expert in a niche if you are not; you can equally build a large audience around your personal brand even if you are not an expert. You can start by sharing your experiences, mistakes, things you are learning, your progress inside the niche, etc.

For example, if you have an interest in fitness, you can share insights about your journey, your struggles, share diet plans, and workout plans with your audience. This approach has the potential to help you build and grow a large audience interested in this niche.

Monetization: Promote affiliate products, partner with brands, create a blog, and promote affiliate products, create a brand YouTube account and promote brand products.



Starting and building a profitable Instagram niche business isn’t an overnight success kind of thing; with time, dedication, and the right mindset you will become successful.

The most important thing to consider is that you are passionate about the niche and are willing to stay and build it for an extended period.

With the list of profitable Instagram niche ideas explained in this article, turning your passion and interest into a business is no longer a problem, so don’t miss out on monetizing your Instagram account.


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