Top 15 Clubhouse Tools for Growing Your Followers

Top 15 Clubhouse Tools for Growing Your Followers

An official statement from states that the Clubhouse team is working on an Android app later this year; I think this is good news to the Android users who are eager to feel the experiences that their fellow friends on iOS are experiencing.


What Is Clubhouse App?

Clubhouse app is an invite-only audio-based social media voice app that allows users to move from one virtual room to another, discussing TV shows, Sports, Entertainment, Arts, and Culture. It’s creating a new way for people to connect and interact with each other using the power of voice. It works like a podcast, but this time, you can raise your hand and speak to the people in the room.


15 New Clubhouse Tools for Growing Your Followers

These are tools developed by third-party individuals to make the Clubhouse users have a great experience using the platform.

Clubhouse Tools #1 ClubLink

Clublink allows you to optimize your Clubhouse links for social sharing through its free link shortener. When you use Clublink to optimize your clubhouse event links, it creates social sharing images that provide real value.

The social sharing images include all essential details on the event, the correct time zone, and a unique event page with sharing options for your audience.


Clubhouse Tools #2 Club Hype

Clubhype generates smart social media previews and landing pages for Clubhouse events.

When Clubhouse started, it couldn’t show any previews when event links are shared on social media. The team at Clubhype fixed it by building this tool, which now generates a sleek preview image of Clubhouse event links that can be shared on all social media platforms.

Clubhype is not affiliated with Clubhouse in any way.


Clubhouse Tools #3 Shorten Club

Shorten Club is a URL shortener for Clubhouse. It converts bundles of links or notes into a readable 6-digit number for easy sharing with your Clubhouse community.

When a user joins your Clubhouse room, they can access all links and notes shared in the community when they have the shorten club PIN.


Clubhouse Tools #4 Host Notes for Clubhouse

Host Notes transforms your regular Clubhouse event and turns it into an event super-space. Collect RSVPs, tips, set an event agenda, establish event rules, share relevant links, commenting and more, all in a single click.

Supercharge your plain Clubhouse events with Host Notes.


Clubhouse Tools #5 With Comet (Comet Events)

Comet events help you create beautiful landing pages and calendars for your Clubhouse event, track RSVPs and referrals, and create a chat room just for your biggest fans.

Comet events make it possible for moderators to grow an RSVP list. You can start an audio course on comet events and manage everything in one place.


Clubhouse Tools #6 Clubhouse Bio Editor

Your bio is what sells you to your followers and audience without you doing it physically. Every Clubhouse user would like to edit their bio simple and easy, but Clubhouse makes it a little difficult for users to work on their bio. Clubhouse Bio Editor allows you to edit your Clubhouse bio comfortably from your browser for free.

It allows for long descriptions and emojis.


Clubhouse Tools #7 Clubhouse Avatar Maker

Clubhouse Avatar Maker helps you to add colorful rings to your avatar on Clubhouse quickly. Use Clubhouse avatar maker to generate a unique and catchy clubhouse avatar which stands out from the rest.


Clubhouse Tools #8 Clubhouse Glow

After creating your unique clubhouse avatar with the clubhouse avatar maker, you can give your avatar a boost with a visual glow through Clubhouse Glow. The web app puts a glowing ring around your photo.

Stand out among the crowd on Clubhouse by giving your profile avatar a visual glow with Clubhouse Glow.


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Clubhouse Tools #9 Club Recorder

Never miss any Clubhouse event again. Club recorder allows you to request an event or a room on Clubhouse and get a recording of the room sent to you to listen to any time you want.

This is an excellent tool since it helps you catch up with discussions on Clubhouse even if you are not present when the event was taking place.

But I think it goes against the ToS of Clubhouse since they don’t allow any audio out of the Clubhouse platform.


Clubhouse Tools #10 Rooms of Clubhouse

It is now easy to search for open and scheduled Clubhouse rooms, filter for topics, descriptions, and languages you are interested in with the help of Rooms of Clubhouse.

This tool saves you time and helps you easily locate Clubhouse rooms without having to do countless guesswork to locate a room on Clubhouse.

Once you search for the room you want to join, you have a link to directly join the room or add the start time to your calendar if the room isn’t live yet.

It would be best if you gave it a try.


Clubhouse Tools #11 Chpic

Chpic works like Clubhouse glow, but they are two different platforms. What Chpic does is that it adds a colorful ring to your Clubhouse profile picture and makes it more noticeable.

This tool is open-source, and your privacy is also secured.

Try it out to see how your Clubhouse profile picture stands out.


Clubhouse Tools #12 Luma for Clubhouse

Luma ( for Clubhouse makes it easy for you to create an event page for your Clubhouse event with built-in Room analytics & monetization features.

Create beautiful event pages in 30 minutes with Luma for Clubhouse.

Event page features:

  • Attendance and analytics
  • Monetization tools
  • Custom event page URLs


Clubhouse Tools #13 Clubpad

Send sound reactions to your Clubhouse rooms using Clubpad. Send memes to your Clubhouse rooms to show your reactions without talking, from applause, jeopardy music, buzzer, the drumroll, and many more.


Clubhouse Tools #14 AskClubhouse

AskClubhouse, as the name suggests, is a free tool that enables your Clubhouse audience to ask written questions that you can later pick and answer during your live session.


Clubhouse Tools # 15 The Clubhouse Blog

The Clubhouse Blog is a useful platform to get the latest updates and announcements from the Clubhouse team.



These are useful Clubhouse tools that can help you stand out and get the most from using the Clubhouse App.

Try them out, and let’s hear your feedback.

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