The Secret Hack to Double Your Instagram Growth Strategy In 2021

The Secret Hack to Double Your Instagram Growth Strategy In 2021

Instagram has evolved to become one of the biggest social media channels on the internet. The app has undergone so many Iterations since its introduction. From algorithm changes to the introduction of new features, brands need to keep up with the changes to maintain a steady account growth.

There are many ways to double your Instagram growth, including Hashtags, Dollar 80, Influencer marketing, Facebook ads, and Collaborations, but there is one thing that all these strategies rely on that many people don’t seem to focus on, and that is content marketing – how to source and curate great content that drives leads, customers and followers.

Suppose you can understand and do content marketing well. In that case, you will be able to grow your followers and customers very fast without relying on the Instagram growth strategies I stated earlier.

You will be able to attract 10’s, 50’s, and 100’s of followers with one content if you can follow the content marketing strategy I am about to teach you in this article.

Content determines 90% of your results on Instagram. You can do all the other growth hacks to attract people to your Instagram account, but trust me if your content isn’t great, they will not be compelled to follow your account, and even if they follow, the engagement on your account will be shallow since the content isn’t great.

In this article, I will show you how to increase your Instagram growth in 2021 exponentially.


What Is the Secret Hack to Double Your Instagram Growth Strategy In 2021?

The secret hack to double your Instagram growth strategy in 2021 is to learn content marketing and create great content that will bring in more followers within the shortest possible time.

Let’s take a look at three steps that will enable us to produce the best content on Instagram that will bring us 10’s and 100’s of followers without having to do Hashtags, Dollar 80, Influencer marketing, Facebook ads, Shoutouts, and Collaborations.


3 Steps to Create Incredible Content to Double Your Instagram Growth Strategy


Instagram growth strategy #1. Valuable Content

Value comes in many ways, shapes, and forms mainly based on your niche or industry; it could be making someone laugh (comedy niche), could be teaching someone, educating someone on how to do something, and many more.

You know your target audience and what will interest them. Creating value is mainly based on understanding your audience and creating content that will benefit them.

When it comes to creating content in the education niche, you need to ask your self these questions before creating the content:

  • How can you help your audience?
  • How can you solve their problems?
  • How to create content that educates them?

If your content can address all these questions, you will make it on the platform. Most brands create content that talks about their brand, struggles, success stories, and everything that has to do with their brand without creating content that brings value to their audience. This approach is right but to appeal to a new audience and grow your Instagram account very fast, you need to give them something to persuade them to follow you.

To create great content that will appeal to a new audience and make them follow you;

First, look out for your competitors that are doing well on Instagram.

Secondly, look at what they are doing and find a way to do it better.

Finally, after checking what your competitors are doing, you can also compile a list of five top accounts in your niche and create content that combines all their content and becomes better than their content.


Instagram growth strategy #2. Visual Appeal

Creating valuable content alone is not always going to be enough in 2021; with the number of competitions these days, you need to make your images appealing so that if your content appears on the explore page, it will persuade people to click and check it out.

It doesn’t mean that you need to become a top-notch graphic designer or create some sophisticated graphics to attract your audience; you have to create something simple and clean but really nice that can stand out from the crowd and appeal to your audience. If it doesn’t catch their attention, they will not click it to read the rest of your content.

For example, Instagram works like dating, you might be a great lover or partner, but if you are not attractive enough to grab the attention of the opposite sex, no one will be willing to date you, to even find out about your greatness when it comes to relationship.

So, you need to create an attention-grabbing image for your content in order to get people to click your post whenever it pops up in their feeds or the explore page.

You can take a graphic design course on Udemy or get a graphic designer on Fiverr to do your designs for you.


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Instagram growth strategy #3. Shareability Of Content

The third step in creating excellent content to double your Instagram growth strategy is to make sure your content is shareable. To achieve that, you must make sure that you are combining the first two steps to create content for your Instagram audience.

To make your content shareable, it should be valuable and at the same time appealing to your audience. Valuable content plus attractive images will automatically compel your audience to share your content freely on their stories to reach their followers.

This is where the real growth comes in, that is, getting more people to share your content. Once you get your followers to share your content, the people who follow your followers will also be exposed to your content. They will get attracted to your account and follow you once they see that your content is valuable and visually appealing.

The cycle gets repeated, and you start getting tons of followers and still get more of your content shared across the platform.


Conclusion on The Secret Hack to Double Your Instagram Growth Strategy In 2021

To double your Instagram growth strategy, it’s always helpful to determine what really matters, and this is content marketing.

All the other growth strategies depend on content to survive, so if you are looking for that one strategy that could help you reach more audience and get tons of people following you on Instagram, you need to focus on these three steps: valuable content, visual appeal, and shareability of content.

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