How to Merge Two Facebook Pages

The New Guide on How to Merge Two Facebook Pages

One of the best features of the Facebook platform is the ability for page admins to merge duplicate pages into one. Facebook has a feature that allows business page admins to merge two (or more) Facebook business pages.

If you mistakenly created a duplicate Facebook business page, you don’t need to worry because you can now merge the two pages and manage them as one business page with the help of the Facebook merge feature.

In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about merging duplicates Facebook pages.

What you will learn in this guide:

  • What does it mean to merge two Facebook pages?
  • What makes two Facebook pages duplicates?
  • What happens when two Facebook pages are merged?
  • Difference between merging and deleting duplicate pages
  • How to merge duplicate Facebook pages?

And any related questions you might have concerning how to merge two Facebook pages will be answered in this guide.

Let’s get started


Reasons Why You Need to Merge Two Facebook Pages

  • Your page was created by a social media manager and you lost contact with him but you need to keep managing your page and because you do not have admin rights on the page, you created a similar one and you later got in touch with the social media manager.
  • When your partner sets up a Facebook page for your business to help push your brand aside from the main one you created for your brand. now you have more than one Facebook page to manage for the same business.
  • When you created a page under a profile that you lost access to. So, you set up a new page for the same business, only to get access to your old account.

The above mentioned are some of the reasons why you may need to merge two Facebook pages.


What Does It Mean to Merge Two Facebook Pages?

To merge two Facebook pages is to make two similar pages one on the Facebook platform. This is how it works, if you have two Facebook pages on Facebook that are the same, the platform will allow you to merge them and make it one.

All the likes and check-ins will be transferred from one page to the other and that page will be deleted.


Conditions to meet before you can merge two Facebook pages:

  • You must be the admin of both pages
  • Your pages must have the same address, that is if your business has a physical location.
  • Both pages must have similar content and page names.


Difference Between Merging and Deleting Duplicate Facebook Pages

Merging two Facebook pages means making two Facebook pages one. When you have two similar Facebook pages on the platform, you are allowed to merge them so that they become one. Likes and follows from the page that will be deleted after the merging will be transferred to the active page.

When it comes to deleting a Facebook page, you lose everything from content to likes and follows from the page permanently. When you use the delete a Facebook page feature, you lose your page and its content permanently.

Merging and deleting a Facebook page are both permanent actions but one is more beneficial to the other as we get to transfer our likes and followers.

So, if you prefer to merge your duplicate Facebook pages then follow the steps below to learn how to merge two Facebook pages:


How To Merge Two (Or more) Facebook Pages

Here’s how to merge two Facebook pages:

  • Visit this URL
  • You have to login into your Facebook account to perform this action.
  • The URL will send you to the Facebook marge duplicate pages platform where you will be required to choose the two pages you want to merge.
  • Enter the two Facebook pages you want to merge.
  • Click on Continue.
  • Choose the Facebook page you want to keep after the merge. Select the page and tap “Keep Page”
  • You will be asked to confirm the merge request once again, if you are certain that you want to continue with the page merge, click on “Request Merge”.

Your Facebook page merge request has been completed. Followers of your page will be notified that your Facebook has been merged with a similar Facebook page.


What You Have to Do After You Merge Your Facebook Pages

After successfully merging your Facebook pages, you need to inform your followers about why you merged the pages if you haven’t done that already.

You have to rebrand your new Facebook page, add a cover photo, profile picture, and update your page about section.

You also have to create a social media marketing plan for your new page to keep your audience engaged on your page.


Why Can’t I Merge My Two Duplicate Facebook Pages?

We’ve looked at how you can merge two Facebook pages, but are there instances whereby one can’t merge their duplicate Facebook pages?

The answer is Yes, merging two Facebook pages also comes with its challenges, this is what you see when Facebook isn’t allowing you to merge your two Facebook business pages:


So, let’s see the reasons why Facebook may limit you from merging your two Facebook pages:

  • When you are not the admin of both Facebook pages.
  • When your pages don’t have the same address, that is, if your business has a physical location, the address on both pages should be the same.
  • When the Facebook pages you want to merge belong to different Facebook Business Manager accounts.
  • When the pages you want to merge don’t have similar content and page names.


Alternative Things You Can Do Aside Facebook Page Merging

If you are not able to merge your duplicate pages due to reasons beyond your abilities, you can still get rid of the duplicate page using one of the following alternatives:

You can unpublish the Facebook page. With this method, the duplicate page you want to get rid of will be unpublish, that is, it will be hidden from your followers, only the page admins will see the page.

Secondly, you can delete the Facebook page. You can also get rid of the duplicate page by deleting the page, with this method, you will not be able to transfer the likes and followers of your page to another page.

Finally, you can rename the Facebook page. This method still keeps both pages but you can use the second page as a page to solve particular issues of your customers for the same business.


How To Merge Two Facebook Pages: FAQ

How long does it take when you request to merge Facebook pages?

Ans: Merging two Facebook pages works immediately. All you have to do is to meet the requirement and request for a page merge and it will be executed immediately.

Can you merge unverified Facebook pages?

Ans: Yes, you don’t have to verify your Facebook pages before you can merge them.

Can I merge two Facebook pages with different names?

Ans: According to Facebook, you can merge two duplicate pages when the pages have similar content and have similar names.

What happens if I merge two Facebook pages?

Ans: When you merge two Facebook pages, the followers and check-ins on the page that gets deleted will be transferred to the page you want to keep.

Can you unmerge two Facebook pages after merging them?

Ans: The answer is No; Facebook page merging is a permanent action. Once you merge two Facebook pages, you cannot unmerge them.

How many times can I merge Facebook pages?

Ans: You can merge two Facebook pages just once. If they meet the criteria for merging two Facebook pages, you can merge them and once you merge them you cannot unmerge them.


Conclusion On How to Merge Two Facebook Pages

When you happen to find yourself in a situation where you don’t know what to do with your duplicate Facebook pages, you can decide to merge them using the method outlined in this guide. Now, you don’t have to worry about losing your likes and check-ins when you merge your Facebook pages.

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