The Comprehensive Guide On How To Make Money With Your Twitter Account

The Comprehensive Guide On How To Make Money With Your Twitter Account

Twitter is a social media app which has the potential to make you money, here is how?

Twitter provides several ways that you can make money by just having an account on the platform. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have your products or services to sell.

Twitter is a very powerful multipurpose platform. Entrepreneurs use it to build their brands and increase sales, bloggers use it to attract visitors to their blogs, marketers use it for traffic generation, political parties use this platform to intensify their campaign and others use it to make money for themselves.

The social media platform can help you make money from home or anywhere in the world if you are willing to learn the skills needed to make money on the platform. You can create an account around a niche, grow followers for the account, and then monetize the account after you have had enough followers. There are money ways to make money on twitter and I am going to reveal everything to you in this article.

Let’s look at the various ways that you can make money on Twitter with your Twitter account, but before we dive into that aspect, I want to teach you how to set up your Twitter account for greater success.

So, let’s now look at how to create a Twitter profile that will attract your target audience to your account….


Setting Up Your Account To Make Money On Twitter:

      1. Create a great profile

The first thing to do is to create a great profile because the first thing your audience will check when they come into contact with your content, is your profile. So, it is important to build a great profile.


Checklist for creating a great profile
  • Add a profile photo of your logo or yourself
  • Add a username and a Twitter handle (could be your name or company name)
  • Add a bio (your bio should be interesting. Add some emojis and some catchy phrases)
  • Add a link to your blog, landing page, or website (not compulsory)

Having a complete compelling Twitter profile is more critical in building a strong brand that will increase the trust of your followers towards your brand.


      2. Build your following

After building your profile, the next action is to build your following because you can’t make money with your account if you don’t have any following.


How do you get followers?
  • Find successful accounts in your niche and follow them
  • Follow the people following those accounts
  • Like, comment, and retweet their tweets
  • Promote your account on other social networks
  • Add a twitter widget on your blog or website which makes it easy for your blog readers to follow you

After doing all the above mentioned, you have to be active on the platform by creating content, retweeting content that is relevant to your audience, liking, and commenting on other relevant tweets.


How To Make Money With Your Twitter Account?

You now know how to set up your Twitter account for success in making money online and how to get followers. Now, let us look at how you can make money on Twitter with your account.

      1. Sponsored Tweets

The Sponsored tweets method is simply making money by sending out tweets. It’s that simple.

It is a well-known service on the platform and a lot of popular accounts are engaged in it. This is how it works. Companies are always looking for opportunities to reach a large audience with their content, so they are willing to pay you to tweet and promote their content (products and services) if your account is popular in your niche.

If you have a large and engaging following, you can reach out to brands in your niche and discuss with them how you can attract more audiences for their brands using a sponsored tweet and how much you would charge them.

Alternatively, you can sign up on platforms that offer this service by connecting brands to Twitter accounts that are looking to engage in sponsored tweets.

There are a couple of platforms that offer this service.


Let’s take a look at a few of them:

With this platform, you signup and indicate your audience data and some personal information, including the price you would charge for a tweet. The companies will have access to all accounts on the platform and they will choose which accounts they want to engage with.

Note: To sign up for this service, your account must be at least 60 days old, have at least 50 followers and 100 tweets.


This platform makes it possible to send out advertisements in your tweets. This service is not based on a pay per click model, you just agree on the number of tweets to send out and you get paid based on that. Advertisers go through profiles registered on the platform and they choose the best accounts to work with.

You have to create an account based on your interest, indicating your profile reach, engagement, and followers.


PaidPerTweet is another platform that makes it possible for companies to reach out to popular Twitter accounts or celebrity accounts. Users register and display the number of followers, their interest/industry, and the amount they will charge for their services. The prices range from $1 to $10,000.


        2. Leverage Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply promoting other people’s products to your audience. This model can make you a lot of money if you master the skills. You can leverage the Twitter platform to make money through affiliate marketing.

You can start affiliate marketing with 0 capital and just a few followers. You have to promote products that will be beneficial to your audience and it should be a product in your niche or industry.

You shouldn’t be tweeting only affiliate links to your audience, otherwise, you will look spammy and it will be driving your audience away. You should mix it with your regular content.


Affiliate marketing networks:

Once you sign up with an affiliate network of your choice, you have a variety of products to choose from and promote, make sure you choose a product that is relevant to your niche/industry.

Twitter makes it possible to do affiliate marketing without a blog or website.


   3. Get Traffic To Your Blog, Website, Or Landing Page

Twitter can also send traffic to your offer pages, blogs, and website. You can use the platform to drive traffic to where you want your audience to go.

If you are not using your Twitter account to make money directly on the platform, you can use this method. You can share a tweet about your latest blog post on your account to drive traffic to your blog, or tweet about an offer and drive people to your landing page.

You can equally decide to drive traffic to blogs or websites of brands in your industry and charge them for the service.


    4. Twitter Monetization

You can monetize your presence on Twitter just like the way monetization is done on YouTube. As you know, creators on YouTube can monetize their content by placing ads in videos they create or in their live streams. They get paid when people see and interact with the ads.

Twitter has the same monetization feature.

This monetization is done through the Twitter Media Studio, and it allows you to earn money through In-Stream Video Ads and In-Stream Video Sponsorship.

Twiiter monetization


Apart from the In-Stream Video Ads and In-Stream Video Sponsorship, the Twitter Media Studio has other features which include:

  • Producer: As the name suggests, it makes it possible to broadcast live streams, promote and schedule your streams.
  • Library: It allows you to have control of all your visual content in one place and makes it possible to assign roles and permissions to your team members
  • Analytics: Analytics makes it possible to see metrics of your activities on Twitter, you also see how well your content is performing on the platform.


   5. Market Your Products

Another great way to make money on Twitter is to promote your products to your audience. Since your followers engage with your content, they will likely be interested in your products too.

Just like engaging in affiliate marketing with your Twitter account, you can equally perform the same task for your product. You can post a picture of your product with a catchy description and add a link that directs your audience to your product page/sales page. You can promote it daily, weekly, or monthly.

You can add discounts to your product or offer to boost your sales.



   6. Advertise With Twitter Ads

You can even make more money on Twitter by making use of Twitter ads. You can use Twitter ads to increase the reach of your products or affiliate offer to other users on the platform who might be interested in your product.

The ads feature makes it possible to target people who are not following your brand. You can target people based on their age, demographic, interest, and more.

Twitter ads will let you cut costs and time in your marketing strategy because, with it, you can target those that will be interested in exactly what you are selling.

You have probably seen a Twitter ad before but if you don’t pay attention, you wouldn’t notice, the ads look the same as a normal tweet but they are labelled “promoted” at the lower corner of the tweet.



We have come to the end of our article on how to make money with your Twitter account. So, I believe you can now make a decent income on social media using one or all of the methods that I have mentioned in the article.

We use to say knowledge is power but I think applied knowledge is rather powerful. So, go and practice what I have shared with you and I bet, you will be making a decent income online.


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