How to Improve Your LinkedIn Engagement

The Complete Guide: How to Improve Your LinkedIn Engagement

Looking for proven steps to boost engagement on LinkedIn?

Do you want to improve your LinkedIn engagement?

If you answer Yes, to any of the questions then keep on reading this article.

If you are reading this, chances are you are looking for ways to improve your engagement on LinkedIn, expand your network and boost your business leads.

LinkedIn is the social platform for those willing to expand their professional network, connect with top decision-makers in organizations, increase leads for their businesses, and many more. It has a lot of potentials to connect you to the right people to support your projects and aspirations.

One of the ways to get attention on the platform and increase your connection is by creating engaging and helpful content. Unfortunately, many people still don’t know how to create the type of engaging content that will bring them attention on LinkedIn. In this article, we’ll uncover all the steps you need in crafting highly effective content that will help improve your LinkedIn engagement.

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How To Improve Your LinkedIn Engagement

We’ve all been at a point where we create content on social media platforms and our content receives little to no engagement. And we keep wondering what went wrong with our content. Well, I am here to tell you that many factors could contribute t your content receiving little or no engagement. This is what I will be tackling in this article.

We will first start with how to optimize your profile for success, because your content can bring you more engagement and reach but when people visit your profile and it isn’t well optimized, they might leave your profile without sending you a connection request or following your account.

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Create A Personal Profile

Just like Facebook, LinkedIn also prioritizes content from personal profiles making those content reach more people and receive massive engagement. So, you might want to consider leveraging personal profiles to get the exposure you need for your content.

Users also prefer to engage more with content that is shared by personal profiles as compared to content from company pages.


Use Professional Headshot Photos

Make use of professional headshot photos in your profile. People connect more with personal profiles that display real photos of the people behind the account. So, you have to use a high-quality headshot photo in your profile. A report from LinkedIn shows that accounts with profile photos get 21x more profile views 9x more connection requests than those without a profile photo.

Tell People What You Do

People want to connect with others in the same niche, industry, for collaborations, many other reasons. You have to make sure that your profile tells people what you’ve accomplished, the skills you have, your profession, and any other information you think is relevant for people to know.

Updating your profile with your industry keywords also helps you to appear in searches related to your keywords.

Highlight Your Skillset

Add all relevant skills you have to your profile. It makes people connect with you more, especially if you possess the skills they need in an individual.

Add your skills, accomplishments, certificates, educational background, volunteer work, awards, language, and many more.


LinkedIn Post Types That Boost Engagement and Organic Reach

There are certain types of post that performs very well on LinkedIn that helps boost engagement and organic reach. I will be sharing with you the proven post types that help improve your engagement on LinkedIn and how you can implement them in your content strategy for massive reach and engagement.



how to improve your LinkedIn engagement

The first post type that works on LinkedIn and improves engagement is LinkedIn Polls.

Polls can be in any form as far as it is engaging and relevant, it can help you reach more audience and boost your engagement. Many successful accounts on LinkedIn leverage the virality of Polls to grab the attention of the masses and it converts to more connections, leads, followers, and more.

Polls can be created around the following topics:

  • Trends in the news or your industry
  • Global events making waves
  • Holidays
  • Industry events
  • Industry news
  • History
  • Niche research
  • Etc.


Take advantage of the traction and news to improve your LinkedIn engagement and convert them into sales, leads, connections, etc.

Polls have been one of the post types that has brought me the most connections on LinkedIn. So, if you are looking for a post type to leverage to build your connections, Polls are recommended for a start.

how to increase engagement on LinkedIn


Tips for how to increase engagement on LinkedIn using Polls:

  • Spice it up with your opinion and ask others to share their opinions
  • Post 2 to 3 Polls every week
  • Choose the maximum duration (2 weeks) for the lifespan of your post

how to improve engagement on LinkedIn


Carousel Posts

The second post type that can help improve your LinkedIn engagement is what we call a carousel post.

Carousel posts come in a form of a swipeable pdf document which allows your audience to swipe through a collection of pdf documents to consume your content.

Carousels are also known as the visual type of engagement that creators use to improve their engagement.

You can use carousel posts to get more exposure to your website, sales page, blogs, and many others.

Tips of carousel post that can help improve your LinkedIn engagement:

  • Reviews
  • Infographics
  • Customer testimonials
  • Tutorials
  • How-to
  • Actionable tips

Carousel posts can be used as bait to get people to view your blog post by sharing snippets of the content in your carousel post.

Tips on how to increase engagement on LinkedIn using carousel posts: Add a call to action on every carousel post. This tells your audience what to do after viewing your carousel post.


Text-Only Posts

Text-only posts on LinkedIn also generate more engagement on the platform especially if it has a great hook to capture the attention of your audience. LinkedIn prefers to keep their audience on the platform for long so if your text-only content is created in a way that will keep people on the platform, the algorithm favours your content and shows them to more people.

You need to create a compelling text-only post with catchy headlines that will make people stop the scroll and read your content. Your content must start with catchy headlines, must use simple language, should be readable, must provide value, and end with a call-to-action.

LinkedIn wants to keep users on the platform so it is not advisable to add links to your content. Links should be added in the comment box.

Tips on how to increase engagement on LinkedIn using text-only posts:

  • Hook people in early with your titles
  • Add photos to your post
  • Add links in the comment box
  • Use related hashtags

Examples of catchy headlines:

  • How to achieve …
  • Top 3 ways …
  • Easy way to …
  • Best way to accomplish…

LinkedIn’s character limit is up to 3000 characters so it has more space for longer articles.

LinkedIn post receives more reach as compared to LinkedIn articles so it is advisable to post your articles as a post to reach more audience and improve your engagement.


Video Posts

Video posts perform better on LinkedIn because they are easily digestible and consumed with less effort. With video posts, you need to upload the videos directly on the LinkedIn platform. Videos links that drive people away from the platform don’t perform well as compared to videos uploaded on the platform.

If you have a video uploaded on YouTube and you want to share it with your audience on LinkedIn, it is advisable to upload the video on LinkedIn rather than sharing the link of the video on the platform.

It has been shown that 3 to 10 minutes videos perform well on LinkedIn so if your videos are more than 10 minutes, you need to trim them down to increase the chances of people seeing them and engaging with them.

Tips to get more engagement on your video posts:

  • Trim them down to 3 -10 minutes
  • Add captions to your videos
  • Be consistent with your video post.
  • Show your personality in the videos. People connect more with people.

You can take advantage of LinkedIn live to engage more with your audience. After the live, you can trim the videos and reshare them with your audience on the platform.


Personal Stories/Post

Personal post is a content type that has also seen massive growth and engagement on LinkedIn. People tend to engage with your content when it is related and has the personal factor in it. Sharing personal stories will get your posts more shares and engagement, and help you reach more audiences on the platform.

Personal stories work best when coupled with personal photos or related photos. If you want to share a piece of advice, it is advisable to share them in a story format, by adding your personal story to them. It helps people relate more to the content.

You can share a story about:

  • Your daily activities
  • The success story of a colleague, friend, student, or client.
  • Share a story of a thought leader in your industry.
  • Etc.

Sharing story posts on LinkedIn helps to capture people’s attention and improves your LinkedIn engagement.

how to increase your LinkedIn engagement


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How To Make the LinkedIn Algorithm Work in Your Favor

The LinkedIn algorithm will help your content reach more audience when you can satisfy these conditions:

Your content should be simple to read.

You have to structure your post in a way that is easy for your audience to read and consume. This helps people to stay on your content for a long time and improves engagement on your post.


Encourage visitors to click the “see more” button.

Use strong hooks to entice your audience/visitors to click on the “see more” button to continue spending time-consuming your content. This tells the algorithm that your content is valuable and it will push them to reach more people.


Don’t drive people off the LinkedIn platform.

Don’t use external links in your content that will drive people off the platform. LinkedIn wants people to stay on the platform for long so any content that seeks to send people away from the platform won’t be favored by the algorithm.


Use no more than 9 hashtags

Use related hashtags in your post but don’t exceed 9 hashtags. When you exceed the use of 9 hashtags in your post, the algorithm flags your content as spam, hence your content won’t reach more people on the platform.


Tag people within your post or in the comment box.

Tagging thought leaders, industry experts in your post allows them to engage with your content as soon as it is posted. When your content gets more engagement within the first minute of posting, it tells the algorithm that it is valuable content and must be shown to more people.

Respond to all comments.

Find time to respond to all comments on your post. Replying to comments increases the engagement on your post and the more engagement your post receives the more the algorithm pushes it to more people.


Comment on other people’s post

Commenting on other people’s posts allows them to return the favor whenever you also publish a post on your timeline.

When you post content on your timeline, do well to engage with other people’s comments. Once you engage on people’s posts, they will come to your profile to view it and also interact with your content.


Conclusion On How to Improve Your LinkedIn Engagement

The tips given above will help you improve your LinkedIn engagement if you are willing to be consistent with them. They do not require money to perform, it only requires your time and dedication.

If you try one tactic and it isn’t working for you, try the others or use them together. I started with stories and I am now doing polls. I have had success with stories and polls and I am still using the tips in this article to grow my influence on LinkedIn.

Let us know in the comment below if you’ve had any success with the tips outlined in this article or you have other tips that weren’t mentioned in the article.


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