Instagram Monetization Policies How to Get Monetized on Instagram.

Instagram Monetization Policies | How to Get Monetized on Instagram.

Many users on Instagram keep asking when Instagram will officially roll out its monetization features. Is it possible for them to introduce something like that? and so many other questions concerning earning money on the social media platform. So, we will look at what Instagram is currently doing when it comes to monetization on the platform and how you, as a user or creator, can position yourself to benefit from Instagram’s monetization feature.

Instagram has started rolling out its monetization features on their platform, and they are beta testing it with Instagram live stream badges and IGTV ads.

However, if you want your account to qualify for the monetization features, you need to comply with the Instagram partner monetization policies and Instagram content monetization policies, otherwise, your account won’t be eligible for monetization on Instagram.

So, in this article, I will show you all the policies and explain them to you in order to make your account eligible for monetization when it rolls out completely.

Let’s get started…

Instagram Partner Monetization Policies

For an account on Instagram to be eligible for monetization on the Instagram platform, the account must comply with the Instagram partner monetization policies. So, let’s see the number of policies we need to comply with before our accounts are eligible for monetization.

1. Reside in An Eligible Country.

If you live in a country where Instagram monetization is eligible, your account will be ready to benefit from the platform’s monetization features. Once you move from the eligible country to an ineligible country, you will lose the ability to enjoy the monetization features on Instagram.

You can also lose monetization features on your account if Instagram changes its product eligibility.

2. Comply with The Instagram Community Guidelines.

For your account to be eligible for monetization, your content and post should follow the Instagram community guidelines; that is, your content shouldn’t include or promote hate speech; it shouldn’t promote violence and sexualized content.

If your account is flagged for violating the Instagram community guidelines, your account will be ineligible for monetization features that Instagram will roll out.

3. Share Accurate Information on Your Account.

Facebook is working to fight the spread of fake and false news on social media, so your account is not safe if you are going to share false information on the platform.

The company has introduced third-party fact-checking applications to monitor their platform for any false information being circulated by creators, so if you want your account to be eligible for monetization, you should stay away from sharing inaccurate or false information.

4. You Will Be Able to Monetize Authentic Engagement.

You will be able to monetize content consumed by a natural audience; that is, if your content gets engagement through bots and other artificial means, you won’t be eligible to monetize your content.

If you are part of an engagement group, and most of your engagement comes from your engagement groups, you will be ineligible to monetize your account.

If your engagement is boosted by unnatural means, your account will not be eligible for monetization.

5. Follow Instagram’s Payment Terms.

Another way to make sure your account is eligible for monetization is to follow Instagram’s rules for making and receiving payments.

The payment terms state that if you are under eighteen (18) years, you must use payment features through Facebook Products only with your parent or guardian. The payment term needs to be reviewed by yourself, and your parent or guardian, and both of you must understand all your rights and responsibilities.

6. You Need to Develop an Established Presence.

You must have an established authentic presence on the platform to be eligible for monetization; that is, you need to have an authentic follower base with natural engagement from your followers to be able to monetize your account.

Instagram hasn’t specified the number of followers they recommend for an account to have before it is considered eligible for monetization. To be on the safer side, I think you should have more authentic followers with a decent engagement.

7. Follow Instagram Rules for Politicians and Governments.

If you are a current elected and appointed government official, your account will not be eligible for monetization.

Political candidates, political committees, and parties are also not eligible for monetization.

So, if you are part of any of the institutions mentioned above or personalities, your account will be ineligible for monetization.

8. You Should Avoid Systemic Violations.

If your account keeps violating Instagram’s policies, your account will lose the ability for monetization. This applies to all creators and publishers on the platform. You should make sure that your account doesn’t constantly violate Instagram’s policy.


Instagram Content Monetization Policies

The second policy for you to comply with before being eligible for the Instagram monetization features is the Instagram content monetization policies. For your account to be eligible for Instagram monetization features, your content must comply with their Terms and Community Guidelines.

You shouldn’t post content on sexual, profane, violent, or hateful subjects. Your content must strictly follow the guidelines to be eligible for monetization.

Content rules to follow to be eligible for monetization is as follows:


1. Prohibited Content Formats.

If your content is presented in the following content format, you will not be eligible to monetization:

  • Static videos. If your content contains a static image with slight motion.
  • Static image polls. If your content is encouraging engagement by specifically asking people to answer questions.
  • Slideshows of images. If your content displays static images played continuously.
  • Looping videos. If your content tries to loop and display the same information multiple times.
  • Text montages. If your video has a little playtime, but the information it tries to convey is more than the video playtime, which means your audience needs to play the video several before getting everything in the video.
  • Embedded ads. If your content has embedded ads, if you are on a brand deal and have their advertisement embedded into your content, it will not be eligible for monetization.


2. If You Are Engaged in Any Prohibited Behaviors.

You will lose the ability to monetize your account with Instagram monetization features if your content:

Incentivizes your audience to click a link or take action on a post through comments or likes.

Secondly, if your content request compensation in exchange for:

  • Showing graphic content
  • Consumption of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco
  • Disrobing or other sexual behaviors
  • Consumption of inedible substances


3. Content That Depicts Restricted Categories.

You will lose access to Instagram monetization if your content discusses topics in the following restricted areas:

Debated Social Issues. Your content should not discuss subjects in the following areas:

  • Gender
  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Disability
  • Sexual orientation
  • Religion
  • Immigration
  • Socioeconomic class
  • Political affiliation
  • Age
  • National origin

Conflict or Tragedy. If your content discusses issues that result in destruction, suffering, and distress, it will not be eligible for monetization.

Objectionable Activity. You might lose monetization if your content discusses issues related to criminal behavior or substance abuse.

Sexual or Suggestive Activity. Your content might not get monetized if it discusses topics concerning sexual and suggestive matters.

Strong Language. Content may face disabled monetization if it discusses topics or contains any derogatory or profane language.

Explicit Content. Your content may not be monetized if it discusses topics on gore or bodily conditions such as:

  • Infections
  • Wounds
  • Bodily fluids
  • Extreme body modification
  • Bodily functions
  • Decay
  • Etc.

4. Misinformation

If you create content verified and flagged as false by third-party fact-checkers, your content will be ineligible for monetization.

Also, content that discusses medical claims that have been disproven by medical expert organizations will not be eligible for monetization.


5. Original Content

Content that publishers and creators originally create is eligible for monetization. You cannot monetize someone else content that you reproduced unless you add meaningful enhancements to it such as (commentary, creative editing, parody, etc.)


So, we’ve looked at the various policies that will make your account eligible and ineligible for Instagram monetization. To make passive income with Instagram monetization, you need to make sure your account complies with the Instagram partner monetization policies and Instagram content monetization policies.

If you want to make money on Instagram while waiting for the Instagram monetization feature to be fully rolled out, you can check my article on how to make money with Instagram.

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