How to Use Twitter Automation to Save Time and Increase Your Followers.

How to Use Twitter Automation to Save Time and Increase Your Followers.

As with every other social network, growing a Twitter account may be very time-consuming. Between following other new Twitter accounts, following back those who follow your account, replying to direct messages, retweeting, and tweeting, it can potentially take up to an hour a day.

Growing your Twitter account organically will require you to be online often to engage in trending topics and also add your tweets to trending topics, this is why Twitter automation tools will come in handy. Automation on Twitter can be very helpful and lead to the success of your account. While Twitter automation is frowned upon by Twitter and if used too vigorously, can contribute to the deletion of your account, the right usage of Twitter automation tools can save you a lot of time and get you better results.

One of the most effective Twitter software used to simplify Twitter is

This Twitter automation platform helps you to create a focused following, schedule automated tasks, view keyword statistics, conduct audience analysis as well as have valuable analytics for only $11 a month.

They also provide a 7-day free trial.

How to Use Twitter Automation

To get started with this Twitter auto follower software, you will need to build an account by providing your email address and credit card numbers. Then, you’ll have to select keywords by clicking on “select keywords” on the upper left-hand page. Keywords may be hashtags, usernames, URLs, or even keyword sentences. This Twitter auto follower tool also enables you to be much more precise with your targeting with their “target bios” function which allows you to follow people based on their occupation.

For example, if you are a social media expert, you could add the following keywords

@socialmedia2day (username) (URL)

#SocialMedia (hashtag)

#Marketing (hashtag)

#SocialSelling (hashtag)

Social media marketing (keyword phrase)

After adding the list of hashtags and keywords, this Twitter automation tool will go ahead and like every relevant tweet that contains the keywords you added to it and also follow the users who include the keywords in their tweets.

The automation tool works for few days then it creates a report based on the performance of your keywords. This allows you to measure and analyze how your keywords performed, whether it helped you grow your following more or not. If your keywords didn’t perform well, you can change keywords and start the process again.

Another important thing to consider when looking at increasing your Twitter followers is to make sure your Twitter account looks professional and organized. Make sure your account looks perfect and your profile picture is clear and fits properly.

Your profile picture should be clear and fit properly, your profile picture should be 250 x 250 pixels.

Aside from the professional look of your profile, your tweets should be engaging, informative, interesting and should add value to your target audience and followers. Most of your tweets should be about topics in your niche or industry. Share educational and useful resources that your followers will find interesting and exciting. Make your account stand out by customizing your images bio pictures and cover photos with your logo.

Your header image should speak to your target audience, if your niche or business is around fitness, your header should have images of people experiencing the benefit of fitness, or if you sell facial products to women at the age of 25 to 40 years, you should put images of young women with beautiful skin to show the benefits one could get from using your products.

You should also include a marketing hook, known as your marketing headline on your cover image. A marketing hook talks about what you do best and the results you give your audience in a short sentence. For example, to promote your social media agency, your marketing hook could be: “Discover how to 10x your sales using viral content”.

The next thing to add is your website, people should know where to go after landing on your social media page.


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The Twitter automation tool helps calculate your conversion rate by showing you the number of people that followed you back after it finishes following them. For example, if you automate the tool to follow 40 accounts and at the end of the day, 20 accounts follow you back, your conversion rate will be 50%.

The settings on the automation tool can be set to target users according to language. You can also enable auto unfollow, follow, and auto favorite by clicking on the settings tab and fine-tuning it to your choice.

Auto Favorite

When you use the auto favorite feature, the tool will like all tweets that include your keywords.

For example, if the keyword you would like to target is “socialmedia”, the Twitter auto-follow tool will like every tweet that contains your selected keyword. But the disadvantage that comes with it is that you can’t control what the tool will like, it might end up liking tweets that you wouldn’t personally approve of.

Auto Unfollow

With auto unfollow, the Twitter automated tool will automatically unfollow users who refuse to follow your account back. This is useful and time-saving since you wouldn’t want to follow a lot of account than the accounts following you. It doesn’t make your account look professional. Following more accounts than the number of following you have also makes your account look spammy and desperate.

Twitter frowns on accounts using automated tools and may lead to your account getting banned, so you may have to take caution while using the Twitter automated tool. You may have to use one feature at a time and also pause the tool as time goes on, so your account wouldn’t look like, it’s been controlled by an automated tool. To remain on Twitter’s good list, you have to perform some stuff manually, like retweeting and adding comments on other people’s tweets.



Twitter and any other social media platform were built for people, so to experience and get better results on social media, you need to perform tasks manually as a person, automation should not take full control of your account. Twitter automation tools and other social media automation tools are to be used with maximum caution and should be only used to perform some tedious tasks like unfollowing those not following your account.

Are you using any Twitter automation tool, or any other social media automation tool on your social media accounts? Let us know your experience in the comment section.

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