How To Use Instagram Direct Message To Grow Your Brand

How To Use Instagram Direct Message To Grow Your Brand

The opportunity to send an Instagram direct message is nothing new. In reality, the feature has been available for more than five years.

Direct messages have grown in popularity over the last five years, reaching 375 million users and rising.

But are you maximizing the effectiveness of direct messages? Are you interacting with members of your audience one-on-one?

We all believe in attracting users to our Instagram page to follow and interact with our content, but what makes us get more sales and grow our business is what we do in our Instagram dm.

In this article, we will look at how to use Instagram’s direct message to grow our brand and close more deals.


What Is Direct Messaging on Instagram?

instagram direct message

Instagram direct messaging is Instagram’s messaging feature designed for users to connect virtually with other users on the Instagram app. Most users call it “IG DM.”

It helps you to easily and quickly connect with your potential customers.


What You Can Send as A Direct Message

instagram dm

You can do more with an Instagram direct message. Let’s look at the various things you can send with an Instagram direct message.

  1. Messages

As the name suggests, Instagram direct message (Instagram dm) so definitely the first thing you can send is a simple text message.

The feature allows you to send and receive text messages with your audience, customers, friends, and many other users.

This is the common thing that most users use Instagram direct message for.

You can even save responses to the questions you are mostly asked by your customers to instantly respond to them when customers come into your dm to ask.

  1. Photos

Do you want to send an image of a product to your client or customers? Do you want to send your photos to family and friends?

You can easily do that in your Instagram dm. Enter your customer’s DM and send the photo to them through Instagram direct messaging.

  1. Videos

Do you need to send a video of your product to customers or some selected audience? You can do that through your Instagram DM.

Record a product demo and send it to your customer using the IG direct messaging feature.

You can use this feature to send any kind of video to an Instagram user.

  1. Group Chat

Another feature that comes with Instagram direct messaging is the ability to create a group chat with up to 50 Instagram users.

Group chat is a great place to create friendly conversations around your niche with other Instagram creators in your industry.

You can share files in the group, including photos, memes, videos, and many more.

  1. Video Calls

It gets exciting as we go further, right? You can call other Instagram users on a video call using your IG DM.

No need to hop into another app to make a video call. You can directly video call other Instagram users on the app through your Instagram direct message.

Whether you planned on calling or it is an impromptu call, Instagram DMs is ready for you.

  1. Voice Message

Apart from video calls and text chats, we can also send a voice recording to our customers, coaches, friends, and family.

You can transform your long typing of messaging into a voice recording and send it to a potential client or friend.

Give it a try and see how simple it is to send voice recordings to other users on Instagram.


How Does Instagram Direct Messaging Help Your Brand

The Instagram DM button is not only for engaging friends with conversations or sharing funny videos with them. It can do a lot for your business or brand. As a business owner, the DM can be your goldmine where you convert potential customers into paying customers and clients.

Let’s take a look at how you can professionally use your DMs to grow your brand.

1. Instagram Direct Messaging Helps Build Connections

instagram direct messaging

Your DM is your “landing page.” It is the place you connect with your potential clients, customers and even starts influencer partnerships. If you receive a dm from a user on Instagram, you should take your time to reply and engage them.

It could be that partnership you’ve been waiting for; it could be that deal you are trying to get; it could also be an influencer trying to get your attention for a potential influencer partnership.

DM is the place to know your client’s or customer’s needs and also build a strong relationship with thought leaders in your niche for future collaborations.

2. Build and Increase Brand Loyalty

Replying quickly to customer questions and complaints goes a long way to increase brand loyalty among customers. Instagram direct messages help you respond quickly to customers; it’s not only for sharing pictures.

I have other creators coming to my inbox for tips on growing their Instagram pages and how to collab with me to create content for our audience. Through DMs, I have been able to help my audience with tips on how to grow their Instagram pages, and some have become loyal to my brand.

3. Lead Generation

Instagram direct messaging can lead to generating leads for your products and services. When people interact with your stories, enter their DMs and show them that you appreciate their effort.

Use that conversation to build their trust and introduce your product and services to them later.

DMs work. Use it and experience its power in your business.

4. Increase Sales

Use your Instagram direct message to create a profitable partnership that will lead to an increase in sales.

Reach out to niche-specific influencers who have built an audience for themselves in the industry you find yourself, then ask them if they can promote your products and services.

Instead of sending an email that might end up in the trash or spam inbox, it is quick and easy to use your DM to send them a quick message and receive a quick reply.

Reaching out to them on Instagram makes it easy for them to know about your brand at a glance and decide if they want to work with you or not.

5. Connect with Industry Thought Leaders

We all know the importance and power of connections.

Instagram direct messaging is another way to connect with thought leaders in your industry and share valuable ideas among yourselves. And this can be done as soon as both of you are online.

The group feature makes it possible to add more thought leaders in your niche into a single chat for you to exchange and share ideas quickly.


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Proven Instagram Direct Message Templates on What to Say to Grow Your Brand

These are proven Instagram direct message templates that will help you get the conversation going. Save yourself the hassle of sitting for hours crafting a writeup on what to say in your Instagram DM. Use these templates to connect with your audience, customers, clients, and many more.

Request for Influencer Promotions 

Looking for influencers in your niche to promote your products and services? Send them a DM using the template below for an influencer partnership.

Hi [name]!

I love what you [do] and the way you [mention specifics].

My name is XYZ, and I create [content] for [target customer]. My brand is best known for [creating products that solve].

I’d love to partner with you to promote my products to your audience since the products will benefit them. If you will be interested in this partnership, provide an email address so that I can share more details about this partnership with you. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

Address Customer Service Issues

Many times, users don’t come into DMs to air their frustrations; they would rather in a rush drop whatever is bothering them into your comment box and wait for you to answer them, but instead of starting a thread that wouldn’t look right on your feed, go to their DM and start a conversation with them.

“Hello [name]! I/We saw your comment on one of our posts, and I/We are reaching out to help you resolve the issue directly. It seems that you have a problem with […], so would you mind discussing the case a little more? We want to make sure we understand everything so we can help as far as possible. Thank you!”

Answer Questions About Your Customers Orders

Many of the frequent questions brands and businesses tend to receive from customers are mostly around inventory specifics, packaging, refunds, and other purchased-related issues.

“Hello there, many thanks for getting in touch! Did you get an email confirmation after you completed your purchase? If not, search your spam folder in case it was automatically sorted. Orders usually take […] days to arrive, but there should be a tracking number in your confirmation email if you want a more precise estimate. Is there anything else I can do for you today?”



Instagram Direct Message has many advantages for brands, ranging from increasing engagement and brand satisfaction to providing customer service, influencer partnership, increasing sales, and assisting with the buyer experience.

Make use of Instagram direct message today and grow your brand.

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