How to Grow Your Instagram Fast with Reels

How to Grow Your Instagram Fast with Reels

Starting and growing an Instagram account has become a relatively expensive and somewhat difficult task to perform in recent times. The algorithms keep changing to favor new features being added to the Instagram platform.

There have been many debates and controversies around using Instagram reels to gain more visibility for your account and attract more followers. Many marketers have adopted Instagram reels to grow their accounts, but they still don’t get the kind of conversions they need to grow their accounts using the Instagram reels feature.

The one thing you need to know about Instagram reels is that the most crucial factor to going viral and getting a ton of views is the watch time percentage on your videos. If you can get excellent watch time on your views and sustain that watch time even when your reels show to people who don’t follow you, Instagram will do the rest for you, and your videos will blow up.

If you want your reels to be successful, you need people to click on them first; if the click-through rate on your reels is not great, Instagram will not push it to many people, if it pops up on many peoples feed and they don’t click it, Instagram will know that your videos are not engaging or enticing. They will instead recommend other videos that are doing a better job at getting clicks on their videos.

In this article, we will look at how to make Instagram reels that will go viral and help you grow your followers fast.


What Is Instagram Reels?

Instagram reels is an Instagram video feature that allows you to create short video content and share it with your Instagram followers or other Instagram users on the platform. The feature will enable you to record, edit, and add effects and audio to 15-second videos, which you can share with your followers and other users on the platform.


How to Create IG Reels That Can Get 1000 Plus Views


1. Attention-Grabbing Headline and Thumbnail

Using an attention-grabbing headline and a great thumbnail will help you go viral with a reel. You want that thumbnail or headline to be intriguing so that the average scroller will pause when they come across your reels and take an interest.

The more clicks you get on your reels, the better it increases your reels’ chances of going viral.

For example: if you are in the fitness niche, you could use a thumbnail that shows a picture of the before and after of someone who has lost weight by following your training or using your product.

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2. Fast-Paced Videos

The second step is to get a fast-paced video; once you get people clicking on your reels, you need to keep people engaged and watching. One of the ways that videos go viral on social media is by having a high watch time percentage.

One of the ways to do this and make your reels exciting and engaging is to have fast-paced video content. It keeps people from getting bored and makes them watch your reels two to three times to get the whole idea of the video content.

Once you get people viewing your reels more than two times, that is gold for your watch time percentage.

For example: packaging a lot of value in a 15-second video will make your viewers keep viewing the whole video more than two times to grab the full value from the video.


3. Use Trending Music

This strategy makes your reels more interesting and engaging, so people stick to them for long. The key here is to make people stick with your reels for long. Using trending music that people enjoy will get them to spend more time watching your reels.

Even if the music is not related to the video’s content, people will still enjoy it and spend more time watching your reels. The isn’t any trick to this; simply add trending music that people enjoy to your reels, and the magic will happen.

Adding trending music to your reels also allows you to rank for that particular sound on the platform. So, if you used trending music from Beyonce, you can rank for the song.


4. Add Captions or Subtitles

Adding captions or subtitles to your reels will appeal to those who do not listen or watch your reels with sound. Instagram was created differently from TikTok. People normally scroll through Instagram feed with the sound off as compared to scrolling through TikTok.

When creating your reels, you need to keep in mind that there will be users who will be watching your videos without sound.

To appeal to all your audience who will be watching your reels, you will either have to alert them to turn on their sound or to be on the safer side, just add captions or subtitles to your reels.


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5. Use hashtags

Instagram hashtags might not be a very useful ranking factor anymore, but they are somewhat effective on Instagram reels because the reels platform hasn’t been saturated yet. So, using hashtags on your reels now can give you a push into making your reels visible to more users.

Please do some research on popular hashtags in your niche, and make sure to add them to your reels whenever you post them.


6. Follow the Trends

Look for what is working in your niche or the platform and do something around it. Just follow the trends and make similar reels around them.

Don’t go and copy exactly what they are doing but let it guide you on what type of reels you need to create to get the kind of attention they are getting on their reels.

If you find the best performing reels in your niche, you don’t necessarily have to produce the same videos, but you can add your views and opinions to the topics being shown or discussed in the videos as you create your reels.

Most videos on the platform have been recreated repeatedly by other creators on the platform, so creating them again will render your videos unauthentic, and users wouldn’t have the urge to engage with them.



Do these six steps, and you are going to crush it on Instagram with your reels. There isn’t much competition now, so get to work, and you will be on your way to getting more views and followers for your Instagram account.

If you have any contributions or questions about Instagram reels, make sure you drop them in the comment.

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