How To Grow Your Instagram Audience From Zero In 2021

How To Grow Your Instagram Audience From Zero In 2021

Want to grow your Instagram audience?

Instagram has now moved from being a social media platform for sharing pictures to a powerful marketing platform to build and connect with potential customers and drive sales for brands and businesses.

Many gurus talk about growth hack strategies that will get you followers, but they get taken over by changes in Instagram’s algorithm; that is, the growth hacks work very well, but whenever there is an update in Instagram’s algorithm, they stop working. But the strategy I will be showing you in this article will never stop working as Instagram keeps working.

With more competition coming up on the platform, getting your profile out there and attracting the right audience is challenging. But this article will teach you all the best-proven methods to grow your Instagram audience from zero.

Let’s get started…


Best Ways to Grow Your Instagram Audience

1. Great Content

The number one way to grow your Instagram audience is to create great content always for your Instagram page. Your content has to be on point. It doesn’t matter the type of growth hack you might be implementing, if your content is not providing value, people will not be compelled to follow you.

You can use the best growth hack to attract more users to your Instagram page, but if they see that your content is average and doesn’t give any value, you will not be able to convert them to followers.

Your content strategy should be on point in order to convert profile visitors to followers.

You are not the only account creating content in your niche, so your content should be able to stand out from the rest; that is the best way to attract more followers.


  • Find all the big accounts in your niche.
  • Compare and analyze their content.
  • Find the gaps between their content (content in your niche that they are not creating content on or they are not fully explaining them)
  • Create the content gaps in your niche. That is your gold.


2. Build A Great Instagram Bio

Optimizing your Instagram profile bio is very crucial when growing your followers on Instagram. Fix your bio to reflect who you are, what your business or page is about, and give people a reason to follow.

If you create content that helps businesses grow and monetize their Instagram account, put it in your bio:

I create content daily that teaches brands how to grow their Instagram page and monetize them.

And under that, write about yourself… like;

I have been a social media strategist for 5 years and helped 10 brands grow their page to 10k followers.

You should also make sure that you have:

  • A good profile picture.
  • Good username.
  • Keywords in the name.
  • You are not following many people
  • Attractive highlight covers

A good profile picture. If you are a personal brand or a coach, the ideal profile picture should be a smiling face. People tend to connect more if they see the humans behind a page.

However, it should be a snapshot of your business logo or a beautiful image of your product if you are a business.

Good username. Your @username should be a representative of you or your business. It should have your real name or business name.

Keywords in the name. Add your niche keywords in your profile name. it helps to make your profile pop up in search results whenever someone searches for similar keywords in your niche.

You are not following many accounts. Following many accounts makes your account look spammy and less professional. So, make sure you are not following more accounts than your current followers.

Attractive highlight covers. Your highlights are great sections on your profile to save valuable information that you want your audience to see before going through your content. Make sure the colors you use for your highlights are consistent with your brand colors, and your icons and captions are relevant.


3. Be Original

If you want to attract more Instagram audiences and grow your account, you need to build an original presence.

While motivational and educational posts have been very popular on Instagram before, users are now interested in seeing real human and fun content as compared to motivational and educational posts. This can be done using the reels feature on Instagram.

Create more reels showing your real face and also post your personal pictures in your feed once in a while. Users are feed up with always seeing pictures and posts about your products and services. They sometimes want to see the person behind the brand.

Instead of creating and designing a motivational quote, you can post a picture of yourself and talk about some of the things that motivate you in life. People can easily relate to motivational messages through storytelling.

You can also make use of your Instagram Stories to post content around what your weekends look like, how you are spending the weekend, or share an engaging clip with your audience.


4. Partner with Influencers

Influencer partnership isn’t a new concept on social media. Brands have been working with influencers on a partnership basis, and it has proven to be profitable over the years, and this is still relevant in 2021.

Influencers have authentic and loyal Instagram audiences, so it is effortless to grow your Instagram account with a loyal and targeted Instagram audience when you partner with influencers to push your brand in front of their audience.

Most influencers have experience when it comes to best strategies on how you can grow your Instagram audience but let’s see some of the best options you could go for;

 Giveaways. When you are growing your Instagram audience from scratch, the best strategy to use is giveaways. We all love free things, so users will be ready to engage with your giveaway to have a chance to win something.

The best way to organize a giveaway to increase engagement and grow your Instagram audience is to make users @ mention, three or four friends when they interact with your giveaway post to stand a chance of winning.

With that, you will get more engagement on your content. Working with an influencer on this, you need to create a customized hashtag that will bring users back to your account.

Takeovers. This method allows influencers to take over your account and post their content there; the influencer’s Instagram audience will follow them to your account and engage with the content on your account. They are a loyal audience so they will follower the influencers to whichever account they hop on, to see what the influencers are doing on your account.

Contest. Competitions work as best as giveaways. You can ask influencers to tell their followers to enter a contest on your account. The contest can be like asking them to answer a quiz or question about a topic in your niche and tag their friends, the user with the correct and the highest likes wins the contest.

Working with influencers is a great way to increase your Instagram audience and with a targeted audience quickly. Influencers build their audience around a specific niche.


5. Hashtags

Hashtags on Instagram are very powerful tools to make your content get more visibility and exposure.

Unfortunately, many people do not know the power it has on their content. To see tremendous results with hashtags, you need to do the appropriate research to find potential hashtags in your niche and trending hashtags on the explore page.

Instagram hashtag generators can help you find relevant hashtags in your niche. Also, you can find hashtags to use for your content by researching the hashtags big accounts in your niche are using on their page. Check out for banned hashtags and filter them out. You have to make sure that your tags don’t look spammy.

Always remember to create branded hashtags and use them in your content. They help spread the word about your brand, increase user-generated content, and boost brand awareness.

Tip: Your branded hashtags should be short, relevant to our brand, and memorable so that your customers will use them regularly.


Conclusion: Grow Your Instagram Audience

Deciding to grow your Instagram audience from zero in 2021 is not easy, but with the right strategies, you will be able to build a massive audience in no time.

Before using these strategies explained in this article, be sure to set your goals because they will guide you and make you focused on growing your Instagram audience.

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