How To Go Viral On Instagram

How To Go Viral On Instagram: 5 Proven Ways

If you have been trying to go viral on Instagram and have no luck, don’t feel bad—it’s hard to get noticed on this huge social media platform.

But what if there were some specific things you could do that would make your chance of going viral more likely? It turns out there are!

In this article, I will share the best tips and hacks anyone can use on Instagram to go viral on the platform.

Going viral on Instagram comes with a lot of benefits such as getting more engagement on your content, getting more users to see your profile, growing your following rapidly, and getting noticed by other brands who would like to collaborate with you in the future.

Before you finish reading this article, you should be getting ready to experience the feelings users go through when their content goes viral on Instagram.

Let’s get started.


Why Should You Go Viral on Instagram?

Going viral on Instagram provides a lot of opportunities to your brand and business profile.

Here are some of the benefits you stand to gain when you go viral on IG:

  • It attracts a new audience to see your profile
  • Drives traffic to your Instagram profile
  • You get the attention of other brands looking to collaborate with successful brands on Instagram
  • Gain more followers and increase your growth on the platform
  • You are seen as an authority in your niche
  • It boosts engagement on your Instagram profile

And many others….

The list is endless and we can’t exhaust all in this article, but the point is that, once you go viral on IG, you open yourself to more opportunities on the platform and outside the platform.

Some users have made a lot of money and have attracted collaborations from different brands and influencers by just going viral on Instagram.

This alone should give you enough reasons to look for ways you can also practice going viral on Instagram.


What Makes You Go Viral on Instagram?

You can go viral on Instagram once your post starts getting a lot of engagement within a few minutes of posting it.

When users find your post valuable and they start to like, comment, and share your post within minutes of posting your content, it can easily go viral because many users will see it and continue to engage with your content.

The above statement isn’t always true because sometimes you might get a lot of engagement within a few minutes of posting your content but along the way, users might just stop engaging with it and when this happens, the reach of your post will begin to decline, therefore preventing your post from going viral.

So, let’s see some of the indicators that can confirm that your post will likely go viral

  • Your post should get a lot of engagement
  • The post should get a lot of shares and likes
  • Users should tag other users in the comment section
  • If it’s a video content, it should receive massive views and engagement
  • Your post should continue trending after 5 days
  • Your profile should attract a lot of followers
  • Your profile should get a lot of reach within that short period
  • Your post should be get mentioned in other user’s stories

These and many others are some of the signs that show that your post has the potential of going viral.


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How To Go Viral On Instagram Easily In 2022

Here are nine ways to go viral on Instagram, so you can start getting more followers in no time at all!

  1. Understand the platform
  2. Find Viral Content in your Niche.
  3. Come Up With an Idea
  4. Create Content Around Your Idea
  5. Get Influencers To Promote Your Content
  6. Post Instagram Reels
  7. Engage Your Audience
  8. Get Creative
  9. Build a following of engaged audience


Step 1: Understand the Platform

To help you figure out how to go viral on Instagram, you must understand what makes social media content popular. Your success will depend entirely on your ability to create content that people love—not just by posting pictures of your friends and pets, but by showcasing creative stories, pictures, videos, and visuals.

To do so, analyze existing viral images and videos, look for viral content in your niche and analyze the results—then use what you learn as inspiration for future posts. You can also follow top brands and influencers in your niche to see what types of photos they post most often, then try recreating them using different content and designs. Remember: your goal is to make something people want to share!


Step 2: Find viral content in your niche

To create potentially viral content, you need to know the type of content that has already gone viral in your niche and take inspiration from them.

You don’t have to take weeks and months to brainstorm and come up with viral content ideas, this approach isn’t bad but instead of going through all this stress to come up with possible viral content ideas which might not go viral in the end, why not take inspiration from viral content in your niche and do something similar to that.

Getting inspiration from viral content in your niche gives you a better advantage when creating your potential viral content.

Note: Don’t copy the viral content, just draw inspiration from them.


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Step 3: Come Up With an Idea

Brainstorming what’s already viral is a good place to start, but if you don’t have access to that type of information, don’t worry. Just focus on coming up with an interesting idea—one that will truly appeal to your audience.

Remember: You are creating content for them, not you. Look at what your followers are liking or commenting on and follow their lead! They will tell you in no uncertain terms if they like something or not (and why).

And once you find that sweet spot, run with it!

Once you have an idea and come up with some content around it, make sure you test those ideas before going any further. The only way to know if people love your idea is by asking them.

So, Ask friends, family members, co-workers, etc., as many people as possible. If someone says no then move on; there are plenty more people out there who would love to help you brainstorm or test your content idea. Be ready to listen and adjust accordingly based on their feedback.


Step 4: Create Content Around Your Idea

Now that you know exactly what content will go viral – go ahead and create it! It’s important to note here that we aren’t talking about low-value content or anything else along those lines. We aren’t talking about posting every single photo you take on Instagram just because it has cute puppies in it (although cute puppies can go viral too!) Instead, we are talking about unique content that resonates with your target audience. For example, if you own a dog walking business – post photos of dogs walking through fields of flowers and other scenic locations instead of just showing them sitting around looking bored inside a living room.

If you own a clothing shop, don’t just post pictures of your clothing. Get models or individuals to put them on so your audience can see how they might look when they buy the product. Think outside the box and get creative!


Step 5: Get Influencers To Promote Your Content

When you’re ready to kick off your campaign, make sure you have a list of influencers you can reach out to. Try using BuzzSumo if you want a top-down approach (i.e., find people with large social media followings and e-mail them about your project). Alternatively, try contacting bloggers within your niche and offering them free products in exchange for reviews. This works best if you have physical products such as t-shirts, books, or albums for sale. Lastly, consider asking your existing audience for help. You might even offer special perks (such as exclusive discounts) for those who promote your project on their social channels.


Step 6: Post Instagram Reels

One of the best content formats an Instagram user can ride on to get a lot of engagement and easily go viral on the platform is Instagram reels.

The Instagram platform keeps pushing reel content to more users because they want the platform to be seen as a video content platform. So, to get more views and engagement on your content and possibly go viral, you can leverage Instagram reels.

Create more Instagram reels on your Instagram profile.

Some factors to consider when creating Instagram reels are:

  • Make sure you have a catchy headline
  • Make sure the first 3 seconds of your video grab the attention of your audience.
  • Your video should be short and precise
  • Provide a lot of valuable information in the short video clip, so your audience will watch them many times before getting the whole information.

Focus more on creating reels on the platform. Reels give you the opportunity to go viral quickly.


Step 7: Engage Your Audience

The first step is to get your audience engaged. You need followers who genuinely enjoy your content and are inspired by it.

Before jumping into anything else, you should make sure that you have at least 500 followers who enjoy and engage with your content. If you don’t have at least 500 followers, you should take time building up an audience that loves what you do. It can be a slow process but after a few months of working consistently, your audience will grow organically.

Once you reach 500-1,000 engaged fans, now is the time to start taking actions that can help get your posts in front of more people!

The more your audience engages with your content and shares them, the more your content gets more reach and engagement.

Don’t forget to engage with your audience by liking and commenting on their content. You should also try to reply to all comments under your post.

It sends a signal to your audience that you appreciate them. This simple act will boost their trust in your brand.


Step 8: Get Creative

Once you’ve gathered enough ideas, it’s time to start getting creative. Start brainstorming about how you want your content to look and feel, what emotions you want your audience to have, what keywords and topics you want your content optimized for.

Then begin writing up a rough draft of how your post might look with an idea of where each point will be placed in relation to each other.

Don’t get too caught up at this stage – we will edit and structure everything later on. Remember: think visually! Images can say more than words when it comes to conveying a message, so make sure that you have a handful of images or even gifs created in advance.

The use of videos is also becoming increasingly popular among social media users, as many users are much more likely to watch a video than read through a text.

This could mean anything from recording yourself talking about your topic to having a friend film you while doing something related to your post.


Step 9: Build a following of engaged audience

The best way to go viral on Instagram is by building a strong following of an engaged audience. Without an audience, it’s nearly impossible for your post to gain enough traction.

Make sure you are providing value by regularly posting quality content and interacting with your audience. By doing so, they will grow in numbers allowing them (and you) to share and like your content more often.

Engaged followers act as a multiplier effect since their followers will also interact with your posts. This process can be repeated until your reach a point where you have thousands of followers who actively engage with your content. This is how businesses can start going viral on Instagram.


Conclusion On How to Go Viral on Instagram

To go viral on Instagram requires you to follow certain procedures, you can’t go viral by just posting random pictures or videos. You should be international with the type of content you create and post.

The above steps will help you create content that can easily go viral on the platform.

This will not happen overnight; you have to put in the work in creating valuable content that will be educational and at the same time entertaining.

Don’t forget to drop your questions in the comment box below.

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