How To Fix Instagram We're Sorry Something Went Wrong?

How To Fix Instagram We’re Sorry Something Went Wrong?

Instagram we’re sorry something went wrong is one of the common errors users face on the Instagram app.

I know you have encountered this error before or a client you are managing their Instagram page has faced this issue. It is a common error so you probably are not the first person to have faced this error and, in this guide, I will be teaching you how to fix we’re sorry something went wrong issue on Instagram.

Instagram is one of the largest social media networks on the internet and as you know, once a platform starts attracting a larger audience, there are many issues that it needs to tackle to meet the growing userbase on the platform.

Due to a large number of users on the platform, the platform often experiences certain glitches and errors. That is why you sometimes face the issue of we’re sorry something went wrong.

It might be frustrating when you face this issue because it might stop you from performing any activities on the platform.

But don’t be alarmed when you see such errors, after going through this guide, you will be able to fix the issue for yourself or any other user you may know facing similar issues.

Let’s get started.


Why Does Instagram Keep Saying We’re Sorry Something Went Wrong?

There are two reasons why you may receive the message “we’re sorry but something went wrong” on Instagram: the issue might be from your internet connection or the server at Instagram might be down.

So, when you receive that error message, you have to first check if your internet connection is working well, whether the connection is down and not receiving a signal or not.

After checking if your internet connection is receiving a good signal and there is nothing wrong with your connection, then you have to check if it’s a global issue affecting all users on the platform. Sometimes Instagram servers experience downtime and users across the globe get affected.

If the issue isn’t still resolved after making the above verification, then it might be a glitch on the Instagram platform, follow the steps below to see how to fix we’re sorry, something went wrong error.


What To Do When Instagram Says Something Went Wrong, Please Try Again Later?

Top 9 Ways to Fix Instagram Something Went Wrong Error

Wait For A Few Hours

When you get the error prompt that “we’re sorry, something went wrong” you might have to leave the platform for some hours and return later. Sometimes you might get this error when the Instagram platform is being updated with new features or bug fixes.

Instagram doesn’t make an announcement when an activity like that is going on. So, you have to relax and wait for some hours and return to the platform to see if the issue has been fixed.

If the issue is still persistent after waiting for some hours, then you have to try the second method in fixing the issue.


Check Your Internet Connection

One of the common factors that may lead to a user facing an issue like this, is when their internet connection isn’t receiving a good signal.

When you have a poor internet connection, you may face issues like this and more while using the Instagram platform.

So, before complaining about the issue, you have to make sure that you’ve checked if your internet connection is good and strong.

You might want to change the position of the router or restart the router to see if the issue will get fixed.

If after going through all the above processes, you still face the same issue, then you have to try the next fix.


Check Your Username for Typos

You might also receive the error “User is not known anymore” while trying to login into your Instagram account. It means there is no account with that username on the platform.

Don’t be scared when you see that prompt, well you should be worried, but that should be after you have tried the steps explained in this section.

You should first check your username for typographical errors, this can happen to anyone, you might have made an error while typing your username. Check if you’ve omitted any word from your username also.

If after checking for a typo and you are sure that your username is correct, but the issue hasn’t been fixed then proceed to use the next fix.


Confirm If the Instagram Server Is Working

The next step to take is to verify from other users if they are also facing similar issues at their end. You can also confirm it by visiting the live outage map online. If the servers are temporary down, you will see it when you visit the URL.

If it’s a server issue, then you have to wait till the servers are back up before you try using the platform again.


Login Through Facebook

This fix may not work for all users because it requires a condition, and the condition is that you should have your Instagram account linked to your Facebook account.

If your Instagram account is linked with your Facebook account then you can proceed with this fix by using your Facebook account to login to your Instagram page.

This should help you log in to your account since it has been a working solution for many users on the platform.

If you can’t log in after using your Facebook login details to log in to your Instagram account, then you might have to contact Instagram support for their assistance.


Install Instagram’s Windows 10 App

There’s an Instagram app for windows 10 also, which you can download and use when you are still not being allowed to log in to your Instagram account or your Facebook account hasn’t been linked to your Instagram account.

You can download the Instagram Windows 10 app from the Microsoft Store on your Windows PC.

This app is only available for Windows users. So, if you are using a MacBook, you won’t find it.

After downloading the app onto your PC, you can go ahead to login into your Instagram account and do whatever you had wanted to do on your account. You should also consider using this solution to link your Facebook account to your Instagram if you haven’t done that already so that you can log in with your Facebook details on your Instagram app whenever you face the issue of “we’re sorry, something went wrong”.


Temporarily Disable the Instagram Account

If the above solutions didn’t help in resolving the issue, don’t be alarmed yet, there are still some quick fixes you can apply to solve the issue.

You can temporarily disable your Instagram account, don’t be afraid, your account will still be safe and you can always revert this action and get your account back.

So, let’s try this fix and check if the issue will be fixed.

Here’s how to temporarily disable your Instagram account:

  • Go to your PC and visit the web version of Instagram and log in with your Instagram credentials.
  • Navigate to your Instagram profile
  • Tap on the “Edit Profile” buttonwe're sorry something went wrong
  • Scroll down to the last item, you will see the “Temporarily disable my account” option
  • Tap on the “Temporarily disable my account” option to disable your Instagram account.we're sorry something went wrong disable account
  • After activating the option, leave the account for about 2 or 3 hours.
  • Return after 3 hours to enable your Instagram account and verify if the issue has been resolved.

The “we’re sorry, something went wrong” issue should have been solved if it was caused by glitches from the Instagram app.


Uninstall then Reinstall the App

You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the Instagram app to check if that gets your issue fixed.

Note that, your account and content on it won’t be affected, after installing the app, all your account details and content will be restored.


Contact The Instagram Help Center for Assistance

We have now exhausted all options to fix the issue for “we’re sorry, something went wrong”. So, if you are still facing the same challenges, then you have to contact the Instagram help center for a quick fix.

Here’s how to contact the Instagram help center:

  • Visit your Instagram profile using your PC.
  • Tap on the Settings icon beside the “Edit profile” tab.
  • Click on “Report a Problem” on the drop-down menu.
  • Tell them the issue you are facing with your account.
  • Tap on “Send Report”


Other Instagram Problems to Check Out

Aside from the “we’re sorry, something went wrong” error, there are other Instagram errors you might encounter while using the platform.

Check out some of them:

Instagram Failed to Send Message Error

Instagram failed to send message is the message you receive as a pop-up when you try sending a message to another user on the Instagram platform through their DM (Direct Message).

Instagram Invalid Parameters Error

You may face the Instagram invalid parameter error when you use the two-step verification method to log in to your Instagram account or when you are verifying your phone number during new account registration.


Conclusion On How to Fix Instagram We’re Sorry Something Went Wrong

Instagram is a great platform but that doesn’t mean it is free of errors and glitches. As the userbase keeps increasing and the platform keeps adding more features, it will randomly make users face issues from time to time.

Should you in any case face any challenges, don’t be worried, ask friends if they are facing similar options, or go to google and type the error message in the search bar to see content on how to fix such errors.

Leave your questions in the comment box below.

Don’t forget to share this guide with your connections on social media.

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