How to Fix Instagram Failed to Send Message Error

How to Fix Instagram Failed to Send Message Error

Have you encountered the famous ‘Instagram failed to send message’?

I guess you have, that’s why you are currently reading this guide, or probably, you’ve heard someone complaining about it and you want to find out how to fix the error.

Before you finish reading this guide, you will be able to fix the Instagram failed to send message issue you or anyone you know is facing. This is the complete guide on how to fix failed to send Instagram message.

Some of my audience keep asking me why is a very popular platform like Instagram facing all these issues and having errors after errors.

Undoubtedly, we cannot take away the virality and how successful Instagram has become as a platform, but as with any other software or platform, they are not 100% error-free products. As they constantly go through updates and upgrades, there’s a possibility for glitches to occur and that is what Instagram is facing.

Fortunately, for us, there is a solution to all these errors we will be encountering on the platform.

Instagram is widely used by business owners, content creators, influencers to push their brand message to their audience so it is important for us to familiarize ourselves with how to fix errors like Instagram dm failed to send and Instagram message failed to send.

This guide will tackle and show you all methods you can use to fix failed to send message on the Instagram platform.

Let’s get started.


What Is Instagram Failed to Send Message

Instagram failed to send message is the message you receive as a pop-up when you try sending a message to another user on the Instagram platform through their DM (Direct Message).

When this happens, you will not be able to send your message to the other user.


Easy Ways on How to Fix Instagram Failed to Send Message Issue

In this section, I will be sharing various solutions to fix failed to send message on Instagram. So, whenever you face these issues, you can resort to any of the solutions in this section.

If one doesn’t work for you, you have to go ahead to try the other solutions.

I have covered all the solutions you may need to fix Instagram failed to send message, so you don’t have to worry when trying the solutions.

Here’s is how to fix Instagram failed to send message:

Step #1: Check Your Devices’ Internet Connectivity

The first solution to resort to when you face failed to send message on Instagram is to check your phone’s internet connectivity.

You will not be able to send message on the Instagram platform through DM’s when you don’t have internet access or your internet connectivity isn’t stable.

Try changing the position of your router or restarting your router to check if the issue will be fixed.

This step is very vital. If after checking your internet connectivity, you see that there are no issues with your internet connectivity, you can proceed to use the other steps to fix the issue.


Step#2: There’s A Chance You’ve Been Spamming

Instagram has become very aggressive in dealing with spammy activities on their platform and they are penalizing any account they detect to be involved in any spam activities. This is because, users are using bots to gain more followers by instructing the bots to be commenting on other people’s content, liking their content, and sending spammy messages to users through DM’s just to get more followers.

Instagram frowns on these spammy activities so if the Instagram platform associates your account with those spammy accounts, your account will be penalized. When that happens, you will be restricted from liking, commenting, and sending messages to other users.

When you receive a pop-up message that “failed to send message”, check to see if you can comment or like other users’ posts. If you can’t do that, it means your account has been restricted and you need to contact Instagram support.

On the other hand, if you can still comment and like other users’ posts, then you have to check the other solutions to fix your issue.


Step #3 Check to See Whether You Are Not Blocked by The Recipient

Another reason that may cause you to face the issue of “failed to send message” while sending a message to another user is when the user has blocked you on the platform. It is likely that the user you are trying to send the message to, has blocked you on the platform.

If you are unsuccessful with the solutions above, the next thing to do is to check whether the recipient of the message hasn’t blocked you on Instagram.

To check and be sure if the recipient hasn’t blocked you, you have to open their profile. If you are able to see their posts on their profile, it means you have not been blocked. On the other hand, if you are unable to see their posts, it means you’ve been blocked.

To solve the issue of being blocked by the recipient, you have to use other means of communication to get to the recipient and ask them to unblock you.

If you haven’t been blocked by the recipient and you are still unable to send them a message, check the next solution.


Step #4: It’s Possible Instagram Servers Are Down

There are times that servers at Facebook will be down during an active session on both Instagram and Facebook platforms. I guess you have seen cases where users of both platforms jump on Twitter to express their disappointment because servers are down and they’re unable to send or receive a message on the platform.

When Instagram servers go down, it might cause the platform not to respond to users’ activities. So, when you receive the pop-up message that you are unable to send a DM, you might want to verify with other users whether they are also facing similar issues.

If it’s a general issue then there is no cause for alarm. Once the servers are back up, you will be able to send your message(s).


Step #5: The Post Might Have Been Deleted by The Owner

Another scenario that may lead to you seeing the “failed to send message error” is when you are sending a feed post or story post that has been deleted.

If a user deletes his/her post on the Instagram platform just at the time that you are trying to send it as a DM to another user, you will receive the failed to send message error.

When this happens, you have to go back and refresh your timeline to see if the post is still on the platform.


Step #6: Update Your Instagram Application

Not updating your Instagram app might also lead to you facing a few glitches. If you are faced with the issue of “Instagram failed to send message” when sending a DM to another user, try updating your Instagram application.

Go and check on the play store or app store to check if your app is up-to-date, if not then you have to quickly update it and try sending your messages again to see if the issue has been fixed.


Step #7: Contact Instagram Support

If after trying all the above solutions, you are still facing the “failed to send message error” then you have to contact Instagram support to help you fix the issue.

Check the Instagram support list and see which URL you need to use to ask for your issue to be resolved quickly.

They will look into the problem and find a solution for you within a few minutes.


Conclusion On How to Fix Instagram Failed to Send Message Error

Instagram is a platform that is subject to glitches so anytime that you face any errors while using the platform, just be calm and ask other users if they have a similar issue or go to google and search for solutions to that particular issue(s). you will find a lot of guides addressing those issues, including my guide.

If you have any questions or doubts, you can leave your questions in the comment box below.

Don’t forget to share this guide with your connections on social media.

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