How To Fix Instagram Checkpoint Required Error

How To Fix Instagram Checkpoint Required Error 2022

Many Instagram users have been faced with a bug on the Instagram platform. Users were receiving error messages like “checkpoint required”.

Instagram checkpoint required error was affecting both users on android and iPhone across the globe.

A lot of social media users are complaining on Twitter that the Instagram app isn’t working and any time they try to access the platform, they are welcomed with a checkpoint required error, black screen popup error, and many others.

In this article, I will teach you how to fix Instagram checkpoint errors.


Instagram Error Messages and How They Appear

While users were using the Instagram platform, they were faced with multiple errors from the platform.

The error messages popped up on the screens of many users and after that, they couldn’t use the platform for any activity.

Some users complain of seeing a pop-up error message that says “Checkpoint Required”.

This message popped up under the Instagram logo in a red box, and right after the message popped up, the app stopped working.

Some users also complained about seeing an error message that reads, “Privacy Checks”. The error message appears on the app’s interface, and users cannot exit.


What Is The “Checkpoint Required” Error

From the information we gathered on social media, it appears that the checkpoint required error was caused by a glitch from Instagram.

Usually, this occurs when Instagram’s servers are down. When Instagram servers go down, users all over the world experience certain errors while using the app. Whenever you face similar errors while using the Instagram app, you shouldn’t panic, just reach out to other users and find out if they are facing similar issues.

As long as other users are experiencing the same issue, you can relax until Instagram fixes the problem. If you are experiencing the error alone, then you can try the recommended fixes below:


How To Fix Instagram’s Checkpoint Required Error

These are some of the quick fixes you can try whenever you are faced with an Instagram checkpoint required error:

1. Log out from the Instagram app

Users have suggested that logging out from the Instagram app for a few minutes and logging back into the app has fixed the checkpoint required error.

So, try this fix and see if it works at your end.

If, the error persists, try the second method.


2. Temporarily disable your Instagram account

Other sources have confirmed that users who disable their account temporarily for a few minutes/hours and re-activated their account again have had the checkpoint required error fixed.

So, try to disable your Instagram account temporarily and re-activate it after a few hours.

Here’s how to temporarily disable your Instagram account:

  • Click on the icon beside the “Edit Profile”
  • Scroll down till you see the “Temporarily disable my account” option
  • Tap the “Temporarily disable my account” option to temporarily disable your Instagram account.
  • After activating the temporarily disable my account option, leave the account for some hours.
  • Return to your account after 3-4 hours to re-activate your Instagram account and verify if the issue has been resolved.

The checkpoint required error should be solved if it was caused by glitches from the Instagram app.


3. Restart your mobile device

This is one of the oldest methods but it works for most users and almost on all social media applications.

Try restarting your mobile device and login into your Instagram account and see if the error has been fixed.


4. Update your Instagram app to the latest version

Head over to the Play Store or App Store and check if your app is up to date, if not, update it to the latest version.

Sometimes, older versions of the app might be subjected to glitches that might be fixed in the updated version of the app.


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Conclusion On How to Fix Instagram’s Checkpoint Required Error

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms with an ever-growing userbase so it is normal for it to experience downtimes once in a while as it continues to improve its platform and introduce new features.

Whenever you face any issues or errors, just relax and ask if other users are experiencing similar issues or try one of the recommended methods explained above.

If you are facing any other errors on the Instagram platform, don’t hesitate to drop them in the comment section. I will provide the solutions as soon as possible.

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