Get started with Twitter Spaces

Get started with Twitter Spaces: Tips on How to Find and Join

Bored of seeing the same old Twitter content? Wondering how to find new and exciting content on Twitter? Twitter spaces may be the answer you’re looking for!

With Twitter spaces, you are able to join audio conversations being hosted by users on the platform where they discuss and share opinions on various topics, anyone can find and join one with just a few quick clicks.

What are these Twitter spaces, though? How do you find and join them? How do you start a Twitter space? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll give you all the information you need to get started using Twitter spaces.

After reading this article, you will be able to host your Twitter Space and invite other users to join your Space.

Let’s get started.


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What Are Twitter Spaces?

Twitter spaces are free live audio chat rooms that allow Twitter users to start audio conversations on various topics and interact with other Twitter users through audio.

Topics discussed on the various Twitter spaces are focused on a particular industry, interest, or region.

Influencers and creators are attracting new followers by interacting with users on their Twitter Spaces. Any Twitter user can join any space being organized on the platform.

Twitter spaces are available on iOS, Android, and desktop.

Any user can join a space as a listener and start listening to the topic being discussed. Users can also request to be made speakers for them to add their opinions to whatever is being discussed.

If you’re new to Twitter, Twitter spaces can help you learn about interesting topics or people in your field.

Before you join a Twitter space, make sure it’s worth your time—it doesn’t make sense to join thousands of followers in an audio-conferencing room if you don’t plan on contributing much (or anything) yourself.


How To Find and Join Twitter Space On Android

You know what Twitter spaces are, now the question is, how do I find and join Twitter spaces.

Here’s how to find and join Twitter space on an Android device:

You can join Twitter space on the Twitter platform in two ways;

The first way to join a space is by clicking a profile photo on top of your Twitter feed with a round purple outline to join the space.

The second method is to click on the Join space button found under the tweet of the user with the Twitter space link. You can join a Twitter space using the link under the Twitter space tweet, either on the Twitter platform or on any social media platform that the Twitter space link has been shared.

After finding the Twitter space you would like to join, here is how to join the space:

  • Go to your Twitter app and log in to your account

  • Find the space you want to join on the platform.

  • Tap on the purple icon beside the host of the Twitter space (which can be found at the top of your Twitter timeline)How to start a Twitter space

  • Click on the “Start listening” button to join the space.

      How to start a Twitter space 1

  • You will join the space conversation as a guest listener.

  • You can exit the space anytime by tapping on the “leave” button.

         How to start a Twitter space 2

As a Guest listener, you will not be able to speak unless the host of the space gives you that permission. As a guest listener, you can only contribute by using “Twemojis”

How To Find and Join Twitter Space On iOS

You can also join spaces using your iOS device, and here is how to do that:

  • On your iPhone, locate and open your Twitter app.
  • From your Twitter timeline, if there is any active Twitter space being organized on the platform, you will see it on top of your timeline. All active Twitter space will show at the top of your timeline.
  • If someone in your network is hosting a Twitter space, their profile picture will appear on top of your timeline with a purple circle around them.
  • Tap the profile picture with the purple circle to see the details of the Twitter space.
  • You can also tap on the Spaces icon found at the bottom of your Twitter timeline. It shows you all the live Twitter spaces on the platform.
  • You can join the space by tapping the “Start listening” tab seen at the bottom of the Twitter space pop-up menu.


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How To Start or Host a Twitter Space on Android and iOS

It takes a couple of minutes to start a Twitter space on your mobile device.

Here’s how to host a Twitter space (how to create space on Twitter):

  • Open the Twitter app on your mobile device.

  • Click on the compose icon found at the bottom right corner of your Twitter timeline.

          start Twitter space

  • Tap on “Space” from the pop-up icons.

  • Name your Twitter space

        name your space

  • Add the topics you will be discussing in your space.

        name your space

  • Choose whether you want to record your space or not.

  • Click on “Start your Space” when done.

         start your Twitter space

  • You can invite your followers to join your space.

  • Once your space goes live, you can assign positions to users as speakers, co-hosts, etc.

  • End the live Space by tapping on “End”

Note: You must have 600 or more followers to start or host a Twitter space.


How To Schedule A Twitter Space on Your Mobile Device

Here’s how to schedule a Twitter space on Android and iOS:

  • Open the Twitter app on your Android or iPhone

  • Go to your timeline and click the compose icon

  • Tap on “Space” to open the Twitter Space menu.

        start Twitter space

  • Add a title to your Space.

  • Add the topics you would like to discuss

        name your space

  • Tap on the calendar icon beside the “Start your space” tab

         schedule Twitter space

  • Choose the date and time you would like to host the space.

         schedule Twitter space 1

  • Tap on “Next”

  • Your Space has been scheduled.

  • You can share it with your followers via DMs, or email.

How To Cancel A Scheduled Twitter Space On Android And IOS

To cancel your scheduled Twitter space, do the following:

  • Click on the scheduled Twitter space

  • The Twitter space menu will pop up with its description and other options

  • Click on “Edit”

         how to cancel a scheduled Twitter space

  • Click on “cancel this space” at the bottom of the menu to cancel your scheduled Twitter space.

        how to cancel a scheduled Twitter space on android

Your Twitter space will be cancelled and you will see the notification in your notifications column on Twitter.


How To Invite Twitter Users to A Twitter Space

In as much as, your followers can join your Twitter space, you might want to invite others to join your Twitter space. This can be done by sending them the Twitter space invite via their DM or sharing the Twitter space link with them via email, or SMS.

Here is how to invite people to your Twitter space;

After creating your Twitter space, you can share the link with others by:

  • Clicking on the share icon located below your live Twitter space menu.
  • You can then choose to share ink via DM or copy the link to share on other platforms.
  • You can also choose to share your Twitter space as a tweet.


How To Get Started with Twitter Spaces: FAQ

Does twitter spaces work on Android?

Ans: Twitter spaces are available on Android and iOS devices. Anyone with an android or iOS device can host or join a Twitter space.

How do you join Twitter spaces?

Ans: Find a live Twitter space

  • Tap on the Twitter space you want to join
  • Tap “Start listening” to join the Twitter space.
  • Interact with the discussion by using emoji reactions.
  • Tap on “Leave” whenever you want to exit the space.


Conclusion On How to Get Started with Twitter Spaces

Twitter spaces are another fun way to interact and engage with your followers as a content creator on the platform. Engagement on social media is shifting towards audio-conferencing and we need to familiarize ourselves with it.

I am sure you can now host your Twitter spaces and invite your followers to join. Let us know in the comment section if you have any other questions.

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