Flick.tech Best Instagram Hashtag Tool

Flick (Flick.tech): Best Instagram Hashtag Tool

A good Instagram hashtag strategy coupled with high-quality images is the best way to get more visibility for your content and attract more followers for your Instagram page. Hashtags are the best way to reach more audience no matter the size of your following.

Most people keep asking how do I find relevant hashtags for my Instagram content strategy. This process can be done manually, but the competition on Instagram is becoming hotter than it has ever been, and finding hashtags manually has become painful and time-consuming.

However, it is still possible to search and find relevant hashtags, analyze and manage all your hashtags from one dashboard, reach your target audience, engage with your audience and search for hashtags related to your content on Instagram with one of the best Instagram hashtag tools on the internet.

Flick.tech Hashtag tool is one of the excellent Instagram hashtag tools on the internet that well-known brands marketers and influencers are using to grow their Instagram account.

This article will look at what Flick.tech hashtag tool is, the cost of the Flick hashtag tool, and how to use Flick.tech hashtag tool to find the best relevant Instagram hashtags and attract more followers and increase engagement.

Let’s get started


What is Flick.Tech?

Flick.tech is a hashtag generator tool that uses AI to help brands, marketers, and creators find the best hashtags for their niche and industry.

Flick reduces the frustrating and painful activities that brands go through when researching relevant hashtags for their content strategy. It comes with a banned hashtag checker tool that helps to keep its user’s account safe.

The hashtag tool works effectively to the point that it will take you a few minutes to come up with the best hashtags for your content – when usually it could take hours to find relevant hashtags.

It allows you to filter your hashtags based on size and total engagement.

All the generated hashtags from Flick have the potential to help you reach your target audience, which in the long run will help you increase post engagement and generate more leads.


How Much Does Flick.Tech Hashtag Tool Cost?

Flick offers 4 different plans that are perfect for brands, marketers, and influencers.


#1. Solo Plan

The solo plan is priced at £7/month.

  • You can link to only one Instagram account.
  • You can only track the hashtag performance of 10 posts within a month.


  • Perform hashtag searches & filtering
  • Stores & manages hashtags
  • Tool for checking banned hashtags
  • Provides analytics on hashtags and account
  • Smartly do a hashtag audit

#2. Growth Plan

The growth plan is priced at £12/month.

  • Allows you to link 2 Instagram accounts.
  • You can track hashtag performance of up to 30 posts within a month.


  • Has all the features of the solo plan
  • Provides advanced hashtag search filters
  • Access advanced information on hashtag metrics

#3. Pro Plan

The pro plan is priced at £19/month.

  • Allows users to link up to 5 Instagram accounts
  • Keep track of hashtag performance on unlimited posts within a month


  • Get everything in the growth plan
  • Get white label Instagram Reports (not yet on the platform)

#4. Agency Plan

The agency plan is priced at £40/month.

  • Allows you to link up to 12 Instagram accounts.
  • Keep track of hashtag performance on unlimited posts within a month.


  • Get everything in the pro plan.
  • Provide users with multiple logins (coming soon)



Before we begin, you need to create your free flick.tech account:

Flick.tech offers a 7-day free trial to its users, which you can take advantage of and also have the opportunity to cancel at any time.

If, after using the 7-day trial and you decide to upgrade your account, I recommend going for their Growth Plan. The Growth Plan gives you access to more advanced metrics and analytical features that will help you build the optimal hashtag strategy for your Instagram account.


First Step: Connect Your Instagram Account to Flick

Once you create your Flick account, the next thing to do is connect your Instagram profile to your Flick dashboard.

Connecting your Instagram profile gives you access to use Flicks Suggested Filters. This option helps you find relevant hashtags that have the potential to grow your account depending on your current following and engagement rate.

To connect your account, follow these steps:

Login to your Flick account and click on account settings found at the right bottom of your dashboard:

Click on the Instagram Accounts tab and click on the Link Accounts:

Once you complete the process, you should have your linked Instagram account on your dashboard.


Second Step: Finding Relevant Hashtags to Increase Your Post Reach & Engagement.

To find relevant hashtags for your post, click on the search icon located at the top right corner of your dashboard:

Next step, select Active Suggested Filters:

You should see a new message which states that Suggested Filters are Active:

Flick will use its intelligence and analyze your Instagram account for your current following and post engagement when you activate this option. Based on its findings, it will generate hashtags that have the potential to make your post rank in the Top Posts for that particular hashtag – this strategy will help you reach more audience with your post, boost engagement, and attract more followers.


NB: Make sure that you are viewing your search results in the Table View – this can be found in the top right corner of your dashboard.

After you are done with the settings, the next thing to do is enter your keyword related to your post’s content.

For example, suppose your post is related to coaching, or you are in the coaching niche. In that case, searching for the keyword “coaching” is an important way of finding relevant hashtags which you use in your post to drive engagement and attract followers.

The more you perform searches, the higher your chances of finding better hashtags.

When you start typing your keyword, Flick.tech shows recommended hashtags that can help you in your search journey if you get stuck at some point.


Third Step: Selecting the Best Instagram Hashtag for Your Post.

Now that you have your hashtag results, it’s time for you to select and create a list of hashtags to be used in your post.

For the best growth strategy, it is recommended to use at least 20 hashtags per post on Instagram.

If you are going to post content on different keywords, then it advisable to create a separate collection of hashtags for those content types.

For example, if you are a digital marketing blogger/influencer, you may create a collection of social media hashtags, content marketing hashtags, search engine optimization hashtags, and copywriting hashtags.


How to Create Your Collection

After searching and finding your 20 hashtags……

Click on the Add to Collection bottom and then select + New Collection

After that, you will be required to name your collection and click on + Create

Voila! You are done creating a collection of hashtags.


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Just like any other tool or product on the internet, Flick.tech also has its advantages and disadvantages that comes with it.


Pros of Flick

Ability to find hashtags relevant to your niche or industry

Recommend potential hashtags that you can research based on your keywords

Link your Instagram profile to your Flick dashboard

Setting up your account is simple and easy.

Advanced hashtag metrics

Ability to import and export data


Cons of Flick

It allows integration for only Instagram accounts.

It doesn’t allow uploading images or URLs to analyze and suggest hashtags.



It’s time for you to hashtag your Instagram up.

If you are a brand, marketer, or influencer trying to set your Instagram profile on fire to attract your target audience, boost engagement, and increase leads, then Flick.tech is the best tool to help you achieve that height.

Flick.tech has many potentials to help make a big difference in your brand’s online presence.

Have you tried the Flick hashtag generator tool?

Do you plan to use Flick.tech for your Instagram hashtag strategy?

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