8 Ways to Provide Excellent Customer Service on Social Media

8 Ways to Provide Excellent Customer Service on Social Media

In this age of social media, your brand has many reasons to provide customer service on social media. However, many brands overlook the importance of providing excellent customer service on social media to connect with their customers.

Whether you provide customer service through phone calls, emails, or live chat, social media should be added to the channels you are currently using to provide customer service. Now customers don’t hesitate to express their displeasure on social media when a company delivers poor customer service; for this reason, you need to be on social media to solve any challenges or displeasure your customers may be having.

A survey done by Social Media Today shows that many customers are now going to the various social media channels for customer care services from the brands they follow. They also found out that about 67% of customers visit social media pages to seek solutions for their problems.

Many people now prefer to engage with brands on social media compared to engagement on phones and emails.

As a brand, you should leverage social media to provide solutions to your customer’s complaints and inquiries.

By so doing, you can connect more with your customers, increase brand loyalty, and build trust for your business.

When it comes to providing customer services on social media, there are some steps you need to take in order to give your customers excellent customer service, which will make your brand stand out among your competition.

This article will look at 8 ways to provide excellent customer service on social media, which will make your business stand out.


How can social media be used for customer service?

Many brands use social media as a means for self-promotion and don’t engage with their audience even when they comment on their post or mention them on social media. Social media is a platform for businesses to connect with their customers and build trust for their brands.

Social media allows businesses to provide solutions to customer’s queries in an instant, so most customers prefer to interact with businesses through social media.

Use your social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others, to build authentic relationships with your audience by responding to their comments, mentions, reviews, feedbacks, and many more.


Let’s look at the ways social media can be used to provide excellent customer service.


1. Have an Excellent Responsive Rate

The fact that you have adopted social media as part of your customer service channel means you need to embrace the responsibilities which come with it, and one is for you to be responsive to your customers.

Customers can come to your social media pages at any time of the day to get solutions to their problems, and they require you to provide the solution they need as soon as possible.

Mind you, not responding to their inquiries is considered an inadequate response. Whether their inquiries are relevant or irrelevant, you need to respond and give them some feedback.

Encourage your employees who handle your social media accounts to download social media mobile apps, which will enable them to still monitor your social media pages when they are not behind their PCs.

Providing a quick response to customer queries goes a long way to show customers that your business is responsive and active on social media.


2. Be Present

To be responsive on social media means you need to be present at all times. Your brand will fall short when it comes to social media customer service if you are not actively monitoring your activities and engaging with your customers.

Brands that want to be present on social media and deliver excellent customer service need to use social media monitoring tools to capture all messages related to their brand or services.

Automation tools like chatbots and messaging apps can help you with being responsive on social media. But leaving everything in the hands of automation tools will send a negative signal about your brand to your customers. You should try and strike a balance between automation tools and real customer service agents.

Showing your customers that you are always available to assist them makes them feel that the brand cares about them, and this can boost customer loyalty and, in the long run, make your brand more profitable.


3. Use Words Like “Please” and “Thank You”

Always strive to remain professional no matter the negativity or positivity of customer comments or feedback. Your job in delivering excellent customer service means that you should make sure that they are going back with a positive experience at the end of your interaction with a customer.

The fact that a customer disrespects your brand or its services doesn’t mean you also have to respond harshly or disrespectfully; no matter the situation, you should always show professionalism in your dealings with your customers.

So, be polite when interacting with your customers; you can use words like “please” and “thank you” in your response.

Example of statements that you can use are:

  • “Thank you for reaching out.”
  • “Please, how may we assist you.”
  • “Thank you for your time.”

The use of these statements can help you deliver excellent customer service.


4. Establish Yourself on Other Social Media Channels

Providing stellar customer service on social media means you need to be available on the social media channels that your customers are in order to respond to their queries and feedback.

Your customers will not be available on only one social media platform. You need to find out which other social media platforms your potential and current customers are likely to hang out on and build your presence there.

Once you establish yourself on the new social media channels, you have to position your brand in a way to serve your customers well. The aim is to provide excellent customer service to your customers while on social media.


5. See Social Media as A Channel for Connecting with Customers

Many brands see social media as another marketing channel to promote their brand and products. Because of that, they tend to ignore customer queries and feedback and never engage with their customers on social media.

You have to use social media to connect with your audience and solve their problems rather than use it for self-promotion.

Customers follow your social media pages because they want to be updated with your industry’s happenings and have their problems solved by your brand as quickly as possible and not to be sold to.

Make sure you are positioned to offer a response to your customer’s complaints as soon as possible.


6. Discuss Public Conversations in Private

Once you have your business page set up on social media, many frustrated customers will use your public profile to announce the negative experience they have with your brand. This can harm your brand as it sends a signal to your audience that you are not doing something right in your business.

When you receive a negative complaint or review from your customers on your public profile, you first have to publicly send a reply and request to continue with them privately. It proves to your customers that you value them and willing to provide them with excellent customer service.

You have to do the same thing even if you receive positive feedback or review from your audience. Create extra time to engage with your customers on a one-on-one basis; this shows your customers that you value their concern.


7. Build A Customer Loyalty Base

Building a customer loyalty base will help your brand in the long run, so you should aim at building a loyal customer base while providing excellent customer service.

Your loyal customers become advocates for your brand when you treat them well and show them that you care.

When customers become advocates, they defend your brand on social media whenever someone is trying to destroy your brand’s image with a negative review. Before you get the opportunity to respond to a negative comment on your social media pages, your loyal customers will be there to defend you.


8. Request for Feedbacks from Your Audience

Asking for your audience’s feedback is crucial for providing stellar customer service for your audience. Whether they give you positive feedback or negative feedback, it will give you an idea of whether you are doing things right or wrong.

After providing help to your audience, you can encourage them to rate your services or leave a lovely review on your social media pages.

At the end of every month, you could send your customers a short survey on how they will rate your customer service. The information you gather can give you insight on how to improve your services to meet customer needs.


These 8 tactics will help you deliver excellent customer service on social media. Put the above-discussed steps into practice in your brand’s daily routine and take your customer experience to a higher level.


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