8 Digital Marketing Tips To Grow Your Startup

8 Digital Marketing Tips To Grow Your Startup

Digital marketing has become a hot topic on the internet for the past recent years. Many marketers have turned to make digital marketing part of their marketing strategies.

Most startups and businesses have seen the tremendous results that marketers are getting with digital marketing, so most companies, brands, and startups have decided to incorporate digital marketing into their marketing strategy.

The question is, should startups adopt a digital marketing strategy to grow their business?

Starting on a digital marketing strategy can be confusing and a herculean task to perform as a startup, considering the vast set of data, tools, and resources out there.

There are many digital marketing strategies on the internet. Still, not all the strategies will work for your startup; some of the strategies will waste your effort and money; others will not even come close.


In this article, I will show you the best digital marketing tips that are working for most marketers and startups. After reading this article, you will be able to take your startup, business, or brand to the next level through digital marketing.


Let’s get started…


Digital Marketing Tips To Grow Your Startup

  • Deliver Creative Content
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Great User Experience
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Video Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Leveraging Referral Marketing


1. Deliver Creative Content

Your first digital marketing strategy should be focused on creating content. I mean factual, valuable, and relevant content that will give your audience value.

Content is the ultimate. All the other strategies rely on content to survive, being it social media marketing, video marketing, viral marketing, search engine optimization, or influencer marketing. It is used to communicate brand information and product release to your audience.

Your content should be fresh and unique. Your audience is looking for content that will add value. Valuable content doesn’t only impact your audience but also improves your rankings on search engines and increases organic traffic.

The 80/20% rule should be applied when creating content for your audience. 80% of your content should be focused on giving value, discussing relevant topics in your industry, sharing tips and tricks, and anything that you know will improve the life of your audience. 20% should be focused on sales, product review, discounts, giveaways, and anything that will increase revenue.

How can you create relevant and valuable content?

Getting valuable content ideas can sometimes be challenging.

However, Buzzsumo can solve this problem. It can help you find trending and top-performing content on any keyword in your industry. This can help you create content around the specific keyword.

Content will help your startup reach more people easier and faster.


2. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been gaining traction recently in the digital marketing space. The influencer marketing trend is catching on very fast.

Influencers have a high following in a particular niche on social media, and their followers are very active and engage with their content. Their followers listen to what they tell them and buy products recommended by them.

As a startup, you should leverage influencer marketing to grow your brand. The good thing about influencer marketing is that it is less expensive than the other marketing channels.

Adopting influencer marketing will help your startup because:

  • It easily builds trust for your brand because they trust the influencer promoting your startup.
  • You get more engagement on your content, because it is shown to an active audience.
  • Influencer marketing doesn’t cost much, and it is easy to implement.

How do you get influencers?

Getting the right influencers can be a bit of hectic work.

However, Buzzsumo has a feature for finding real influencers with genuine authority on the various social media channels.

Not everyone with a huge following is an influencer; some of them buy fake followers to make it seem like they are successful influencers, so you should be careful when searching for an influencer to work with. But Buzzsumo eliminates this problem, that is why I recommend them.


3. Social Media Marketing

Social media is another platform that has become an essential part of most marketer’s marketing strategy. You can reach almost everyone in the world by just using this platform.

Social media has become a powerful tool in advertising. Many brands have had more exposure by using this platform. In my opinion, social media marketing is the next marketing strategy after content marketing. Even after creating your content, it will be posted on either your website or your social media pages.

Search engine optimization takes time. To increase exposure and achieve brand awareness in the shortest possible time after launching your startup, you can leverage social media marketing. It works faster than SEO.

Good social media strategy will have a more significant impact on brand awareness, lead generation, traffic, sales, and conversions.

To become good at social media marketing, you need to create quality and valuable content regularly. Your content should give value and trigger audience engagement.

Keeping up with consistency can be challenging. It will help if you employ social media monitoring tools to do the posting and listening for you, while you focus on content creation to ensure the flow of content regularly.


4. Great User Experience

The experience your audience gets from your brand is what keeps them coming back or drives them away. As a startup, you should design your products so that your audience will find it easy to engage with.

User experience has a positive or negative effect on your brand. You should research and find out what user experience will appeal more to your audience when you incorporate it into your digital marketing strategy.

You can improve your user experience through intuitive UI design, content, and communication channels.

The design interface of your apps, your website’s speed, menu navigation, formatting, and tone of your content are critical to gaining a great user experience.

To conclude, you have to develop a system that makes it easy to communicate with your audience, collecting feedback, and responding to their queries. It makes them feel like they are part of the brand.


5. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is crucial when it comes to gaining visibility on the web. Visitors will find it difficult to see your website in search results if your site is not correctly optimized for Search engine optimization. You should take it seriously, especially if you want to target local customers; your local SEO should be a priority.

One way to build trust in potential customers, as a startup, is to optimize your website so that when they search for keywords related to your niche, your website will rank high in search results. It makes them get the impression that your brand is genuine.

Search engine optimization is a challenge to most startups, so I recommend SEMrush to take care of this problem. The tool helps you with all your needs when it comes to SEO.

You can use the tool to monitor your competitor’s website and see what keywords they are ranking for; you can also conduct keyword research in your niche, check SEO issues on your website, and even track your SERP rankings.

If you get overwhelmed with all this, you can outsource it to a better SEO company.

Startup SEO Tools

These tools can help elevate your startup and make your website show up high in rankings on search engines:


6. Video Marketing

Video marketing is also gaining traction on social media. Videos can grab users’ attention on social media for a long time compared to written content.

Most social media companies like Facebook, Instagram, and the likes, are now giving more priority to video content. Hence, it is suitable for startups to adopt this marketing strategy to get more visibility quickly.

You can do video marketing through Instagram stories, Reels, Snapchat stories, TikTok, and Facebook Live to interact with your audience.

Let your audience see the faces behind the brand through your live events. You can organize webinars for product launches, run online courses, and take feedback from your customers in real-time. This makes your audience trust your brand more.


7. Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is one of the fastest digital marketing strategies that gives startups and brands exposure quickly. As a startup, you can use this strategy to gain success overnight.

Viral marketing can be a combination of video marketing and content marketing. You have to know how to use these content types to go viral.

To go viral or create content that goes viral, your content should be something weird or hilarious. Use social media to distribute your viral content; it has the potential to make your content trend.

The more your viral content gets shared and engaged with, the more it trends and gets into the face of a wider audience. It will bring more traffic to your website for a while. Your job now is to leverage this traffic and convert your visitors into paying clients.


8. Leverage Referral Marketing

Your customers can also serve as marketers for your brand. They can talk to their friends, family, social media connections, business partners, and more about your brand.

Referral marketing is just promoting your brand with the help of your customers. You simply ask them to refer their connections to purchase from you; then, you reward them in return. The reward could be a discount on their next purchase, a free product, or acknowledging them on your digital channels.

This digital marketing strategy can go a long way to promote your brand to a new audience and increase sales.



Growing a startup with a digital marketing strategy can be challenging at times, but with the right strategy in place, you can effectively increase your startup’s visibility.

Creative content, Influencer marketing, Social media marketing, Great User experience, Search engine optimization, Video marketing, Viral marketing, Referral marketing are proven to help you grow your startup.

A good strategy will help you attract the right customers for your startup.

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