7 Important Tools Every Instagram Content Creator Needs

7 Important Tools Every Instagram Content Creator Needs

Social media has become part of our daily lives, it started as a mere platform to connect people with their loved ones and family members but it has now become part of most marketing strategies for brands and marketers. Among all the social media networks, Instagram has become one of the popular social networks. It is a platform where brands, influencers, Content Creators, and marketers engage with their audience through visual content (images and videos).

Instagram has also created a source of income for influencers. Influencers are people who have amassed more followers who are interested in a particular niche or industry. These influencers need to keep their followers by creating and sharing valuable content with them.

Instagram as well as other social networks depend on content for survival. So, every brand, marketer, and business out there is creating a lot of content every day to stay relevant on the various social networks. This has made it difficult for brands, marketers, influencers, and businesses to create content that will stand out and always attract their target audience.

To create content on Instagram that will stand out and attract the right audience, your content needs to be of high quality. High-quality content creation is very essential in marketers, brands, influencers, and business marketing strategies on Instagram. To create this high-quality content for your marketing strategy, you need to take advantage of the right tools. I have performed many types of research and come up with the best Instagram tools every content creator needs for creating high-quality content.

Let’s look at the tools that you will need as an Instagram content creator to create high-quality content for your audience.


Important Tools Every Instagram Content Creator Needs

  • BIT.LY


Tools Every Instagram Content Creator Needs #1 ODRIVE

Coming up with content ideas and creating content is demanding. So, you can’t afford to lose all your content to hackers or lose it when your account gets blocked for some strange reasons. That is why it is very important to back up your social media content always.

Odrive is the Instagram tool that helps creators back up their social media content to cloud storage by just linking their Instagram account to it. Your content is secured with Odrive, the storage can be synchronized, encrypted, and shareable.

You can sign up for a free account and have access to its premium features for 7 days.


Odrive features for Instagram content creators include:

  • Unified: You get all your account in one place with one password.
  • Infinite sync: You can sync all your files across your devices (Windows, Mac, and Linux machine)
  • Shareable: Securely share your files and folders with anyone
  • Backup: Backup your files and folders to the cloud
  • Encrypt: Your cloud storage is private and you are the only person that can decrypt it.


Tools Every Instagram Content Creator Needs #2 CANVA

Creating visual content for Instagram is the real deal when it comes to increasing engagement and following. You don’t need to be a professional graphic designer or video editor to start creating visuals for your content marketing strategy.

Canva makes it simple to design any graphics with the help of its over 50,000 post templates. You can create Instagram stories from scratch or just choose one of their Instagram stories templates and edit it to suit your preference. You can design social media images in minutes.

Canva has a wide range of ready to use video templates, graphics, images, and fonts. Canva is available on Android, Desktop, and iOS. You can use its free version with limited features or pay for its premium.


Canva features for Instagram content creators include:

  • Social media graphics
  • Stock images and illustrations.
  • Videos
  • Library of fonts.
  • Drag & drop editor.
  • Custom templates.
  • Customizable branding.
  • Photo editing.
  • Folders
  • Filters
  • Shapes, icons, and elements


Tools Every Instagram Content Creator Needs #3 AI GROW

Ai Grow is an Instagram tool that makes your work organized. The tool helps in scheduling and organizing your Instagram content. The tool helps you grow your following easily and manage your content all in one place.

The Instagram tool solves the most important issue influencers, brands, and Instagram content creators face when growing their following by helping you grow your following organically. You don’t have to go to all these fake websites and buy followers, most of those services are fake and will end up hurting your account growth drastically.

The tool has a simple dashboard that allows you to see your account following. You can add multiple accounts to your dashboard and manage all at the same place.

AI GROW helps you:

  • Grow Organic Instagram Followers
  • Discover And Schedule New Content Easily
  • Increase Leads And Sales From Your Instagram Bio Url
  • Dm To Email Functionality
  • 100% Safety


Tools Every Instagram Content Creator Needs #4 SNAPSEED

Snapseed is a free photo editing tool that helps you create stunning photos for your Instagram feeds. You don’t need to be a professional graphics designer to use this tool, it is simple to use.

You can use brushes to edit the image and remove any unwanted object in your photos with the help of this tool. After editing your photos, it allows you to save the filters you used as a template that you can reuse in any photo editing project you start on the app. In minutes, you can change the look of an entire image.

Snapseed is available on Android and iOS devices.


Tools Every Instagram Content Creator Needs #5 ADOBE PHOTOSHOP EXPRESS

Adobe Photoshop Express is an excellent app for every content creator when it comes to photo editing. The app is free to use and it has many editing and creative features. The photo editing app is available on Android, iOS, and Desktop.

Adobe photoshop express features for Instagram content creators include:

  • Edit
  • Red-Eye Fix
  • Auto-Fix
  • Artistic Collages
  • Filters
  • Blemish removal
  • Text tool
  • Borders
  • Quick Sharing


Tools Every Instagram Content Creator Needs #6 BIT.LY

Your Instagram bio should always look neat and straight to the point. Adding a long URL in your bio makes it look spammy, so it is advisable to use a link shortener to make your links short and professional. Bit.ly is one of the best-known links shorteners on the internet.

Bit.ly does not only shorten your URL, but it also has a feature that keeps track of the number of clicks you get on your URL. This feature helps you understand how your campaign is doing and you know how to optimize it for success.


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Tools Every Instagram Content Creator Needs #6 ICONOSQUARE

ICONOSQUARE is an Instagram tool that gives you analytics about your followers, the content they engage with, hashtags, and likes. It helps you know the performance of your content and channel growth. It has a scheduling tool that allows you to schedule tweets to be posted at the time you want.

They have a free no card required 14-day trial period for you to use and experience what they offer before you decide to subscribe to their service.

Iconosquare features for Instagram content creators include:

  • Multi-profile management from one dashboard.
  • A powerful scheduler that saves you time
  • Advanced analytics, easy to understand.
  • Insightful industry benchmarks.



As you have seen above, I have shown you all the important tools that every Instagram content creator needs and should be using, most of them have trial versions which you can test and see if it is a better fit for your Instagram marketing strategy before deciding to subscribe to their services.

Others have a free version that allows you to use the service until you decide to pay for a premium service. Find one that suits your content creation needs and just go with it.


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