6 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs Influencers

6 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs Influencers

Do you think influencers are important when it comes to brand communication on social media?

The answer is Yes.

Social media has made it possible for influencers to be used for brand communication.

Social media made the influencer marketing role possible because it provided a platform to connect people and brands. The likes of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter have been modifying the communication industry for years now.

A lot of people spend most of their time on social media, consuming different types of content.

Many brands are taking advantage of influencer marketing to boost brand awareness and increase customer loyalty. Influencers have already built a trusted community, so it is easy for brands to use their services to plug into their community and use it to their advantage.

Influencers have become one of the essential marketing tools a brand can use. There are many reasons for that; let’s take a look at the six reasons why your brand needs influencers for business growth:

Reasons Why Your Brand Needs Influencers

  • They Help Build Brand Awareness and Trust
  • Influencers Improve Your SEO Rankings
  • They Start Conversations
  • They Generate Sales for Your Brand
  • They Create Quality Content
  • They Increase Organic Traffic and Engagement


1. They Help Build Brand Awareness and Trust

Social media influencer’s most valuable assets are the trust and loyalty they establish with their massive audience. Using influencers to create brand awareness is a reliable way to get in front of your audience through someone they trust through the sharing of authentic content over the years. Data from MuseFind , an influencer marketing platform, shows that about 92% of consumers trust influencer endorsement more than an advertisement. If your influencer is a global celebrity, it means your brand awareness campaign will go global, and the greater the trust they’ve earned, the stronger will their message be received.

Influencers are the people who can make a brand’s message popular at a faster rate.


2. Influencers Improve Your SEO Rankings

Influencers can help improve the SEO rankings of a brand’s website.

Aside from influencers endorsing and posting a brand’s product and services to its audience, they can also perform specific tasks that lead to improving your brand’s website SEO rankings.

Most influencers are bloggers, so you can collaborate with them and ask them to feature your brand’s website URL on their blog or ask them to post your articles on their blog, this approach gives your website quality backlinks, which sends a signal to the search engines that your website is credible. Building high-quality backlinks naturally help improve your website SEO.

Backlinks are part of Google’s checklist for ranking websites high in SERPs. Having your articles or brand content featured on an influencer’s blog sends a signal to Google that your articles are not junk content; therefore, a boost for your page in search results.


3. They Start Conversations

Influencers have nurtured and built their audience over time; they learned how to interact effectively with their audience and the type of content their audience likes and engage with. They created trust and friendship with their audience.

Because of their relationship with their audience, they can present a business, and their audience will not hesitate to share their thoughts and sentiments about it. They can also ask questions, make an endorsement, give free testimonials, and share ideas that you can use for your marketing campaign.

Suppose you want your brand message to trend on social media. In that case, influencers can start a conversation around your brand message on their social media page, and in no time, their audience will start engaging with the message, start sharing and liking.


4. They Generate Sales for Your Brand

Influencers can make sales for your brand within the shortest possible time. They have already built a loyal and trusted audience who believe in whatever product and services they endorse. They already have the market for your brand product; all you have to do is identify the influencer in your niche and plug into their audience.

Influencer marketing converts more than digital advertisement.

However, you should know that not all of your influencer audience will be having funds in their pocket at a given time, so you should allow the influencers to keep your campaign going for some time. Working with two niche influencers will increase your odds, so you should consider using two or more influencers for your marketing campaigns.


5. They Create Quality Content

Content creation is vital in every marketing strategy on social media. Influencers who are bloggers can help in creating quality content for a brand. They are already creating quality and engaging content for their audience, so it will be advisable to use their experience to your advantage.

Influencer created content works like that of user-generated content; the audience perceives that an individual rather than a brand created the content. Instead of creating an ad, content produced by influencers works like a credible product review or testimonial. Their audience sees the reviews as unbiased and will be more likely to buy your product than if it was advertised using an online ad.


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6. They Increase Organic Traffic and Engagement

Many brands have decided to use aggressive advertising just to stay ahead of the growing competition among brands on the internet. The way brands target and follow their customers and potential customers on the internet are becoming annoying. This has made many people on the internet go in for adblockers to stop brands from following them with their ads.

This is the reason why you need to rely on influencers for product and service endorsement. You can use influencers to bypass the AdBlock obstacle and get your product in front of your target audience in a natural way without the need to follow them with your ads.

Influencer marketing is word of mouth marketing mixed with native advertising, so combining that with their massive audience means more organic traffic and engagement for your content.


If you haven’t leverage influencer marketing for your brand, now is the time to rethink it and make the necessary adjustment. There is an exponential opportunity for the growth of your brand when you leverage influencers for brand communication.

So, what is preventing you from using influencers for your brand communication?


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