6 Instagram Chrome Extensions

6 Instagram Chrome Extensions

As Instagram is becoming more popular in the social media world, many users are asking if there is a way to use or access the app on the chrome browser, others are also asking if there are chrome extensions for Instagram to help them use the app on their laptops.

So, I curated this Instagram chrome extension list to help users and creators on Instagram to get things done easily on their laptops.


List of Six Chrome Extensions for Instagram

1. Desktopify

Desktopify is an Instagram chrome extension that helps users browse Instagram site directly from their Desktop (PC/MAC).

This ig Chrome extension allows you to access the Instagram mobile site as you do with your smartphone but this time around on your computer.

This Instagram chrome extension allows you to:

  • Upload videos
  • Open/download videos and images in full HD
  • Upload photos
  • Direct messages are supported
  • Perform all activities you do with your smartphone using the extension (follow, like, comment, share, and many more)

Users: 500,000+

Rating: 4.5



2. Desktop For Instagram

Desktop for Instagram is a chrome extension that makes you use your computer to access Instagram and get the best mobile Instagram feel and look.

Use Instagram on your computer just like you use it on your smartphone with the help of Desktop For Instagram.


  • Create a post and upload photos directly from your PC
  • Supports full-screen mode – open Instagram photos in full-screen mode from your story or feed
  • Access and play ig videos from your story or feed.
  • Download Instagram photos and videos from your story or feed – in full HD
  • Experience full Instagram mobile web feel and look
  • No limitations on downloads

Users: 200,000+

Rating: 4.5

Desktop for Instagram


3. Web for Instagram with Direct

Web for Instagram with Direct is an Instagram chrome extension with a set of the most useful features on Instagram: screenshot capture, direct messages, upload stories, and IGTV, and many more.

It has the iconic mobile layout of Instagram in the browser that allows you to get all features on the mobile app.

A single click in your browser takes you to the Instagram app where you can share videos and photos, chat with friends, and access your Instagram feed. Supports direct messaging so you will be able to communicate with your friends using the extension.

You can take screenshots, send direct messages, browse your news feed, upload photos and videos like with the Instagram mobile app.


  • Upload IGTV videos from your computer
  • Take screenshots from your browser
  • Send direct messages
  • Upload photos and videos

Users: 100,000+

Rating: 4.3

Web for Instagram


4. INSSIST | Web Client for Instagram

Post to Instagram from your desktop with INSSIST. It is a free Instagram chrome extension that allows uploading and downloading photos and videos, managing comments and sending DMs, working with stories as if you are using the mobile app.

You can share your videos by uploading them to Instagram using this chrome extension without sharing your Instagram password with any 3rd party app.

Inssist allows you to post photos with the highest resolution, it does affect the quality of your photos. When you upload photos with inssist, it doesn’t get compressed as it happens with other extensions.

It allows scheduling of carousels and does auto-posting for carousels.


  • Upload photos, videos, stories, and IGTVs
  • Get relevant hashtag suggestions
  • Direct messaging
  • Save videos, posts, and stories
  • Check accounts for spam
  • Supports dark mode

Users: 100,000+

Rating: 4.8

INSSIST Web Client for Instagram


5. Everliker Standalone | Social Assistant

Everliker Standalone | Social Assistant is an Instagram chrome extension that is known as the smart and simple assistant for Instagram.

This Instagram chrome extension saves you time and also attracts attention to your Instagram account by liking posts on other people’s feeds on your behalf.

You can use this extension to get more likes and followers while doing other meaningful things.

  • It takes less than a minute to set up the extension
  • You just have to set it and forget
  • Everlike works in the background

Users: 100,000+

Rating: 4.8

Everlike Standalone


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6. Extension for Instagram

Extension for Instagram is an Instagram chrome extension used for uploading and downloading photos and videos on Instagram. It supports DM fully.

You can upload/download photos/videos in one click and also perform many other functionalities.


  • Support DM when using the mobile layout
  • Upload/download photos on your desktop
  • Right-click on videos/photos to download them
  • Dark theme supported
  • Access stories on the mobile layout

Users: 100,000+

Rating: 4.3

Extension for Instagram



The aforestated list is the Instagram chrome extensions that give you the chance to use Instagram on your browser as if you are using it on your smartphone.

Give them a try and choose the one that fits your preference.

Let’s know in the comment box, whether you have any other chrome extension to add to the list.


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