5 Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Small Business

5 Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Small Business

Do you still have doubts about how to use social media to grow your small business?

Are you struggling with finding the best ways to use social media to grow your small business?

If your answer is Yes, to all the questions then read this article to know the best 5 ways to use social media to grow your small business.

In this digital age, it is not surprising that many brands are taking advantage of the online digital tools to get exposure for their business activities. Social media marketing is now crucial in many brand’s marketing strategies. Social media is a place where brands can go and grab the attention of their techie consumers.

Over the years, social media has proven to be a marketing tool that has helped many brands to achieve exponential growth with low capital.

Statista projected that social media users worldwide will hit over 3 billion active users monthly by 2021. This shows that by 2021, one-third of the world’s population will be active on social media.

That makes it more terrifying for those businesses that are not planning on building a powerful brand presence on social media. Your customers are already there, go and get them otherwise your competitors will take them.

I understand that with the plethora of strategies, tips, tricks, and secrets about social media marketing being preached on the internet, one can be overwhelmed. I have fallen into the same situation before. So, I took the pain to study most of the successful brands on social media and the strategies that are working for them and decided to write this article for you to know the social media strategies that they are using to grow their business so that you can implement it in your business’s social media effort.

Let’s get started…


Here are the five ways to use social media to grow your small business:

  • Build your brand as an authority
  • Create brand awareness
  • Build trust with your customers
  • Monitor your competitors
  • Increase traffic
  • Improve rankings on search engine


Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Small Business #1. Build Your Brand as An Authority

One of the ways a business can use social media for growth is by establishing themselves as an authority in their niche. Building your brand as an authority in your niche positions you as the go-to brand on social media that people come to, for industry information.

Social media can give you that platform where you can build your brand as an authority in your niche.

How do you as a brand, build yourself as an authority on social media?

For you to build your small business as an authority on social media, you need to regularly post relevant niche-focused content for your audience.

The more you provide value through the content you post on your social media profiles, the more you grow your audience which also increases the engagement you get on your content. Your account starts growing and people begin to see your brand as an authority in your industry.

When your brand becomes an authority in your industry, your customers feel more comfortable doing business with you, other brands will like to come to you for more business deals and people will start talking about your brand.


Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Small Business #2. Create Brand Awareness

As a small business, creating brand awareness is a top priority when it comes to growth.

A lot of people feel comfortable when they buy from established and recognized brands.

Social media is the key to achieving the brand awareness goal.

Social media can help put your business in front of your audience easier and faster. Your target audience is already on the platform, you just have to use the power of social media to reach them and stay in front of them, even when they are not ready to see your business.

You can either invest your time or money in creating brand awareness on social media. As a small business, if you have more time and resources you can invest that into raising brand awareness by creating relevant content and sharing them on your social media pages. It shouldn’t be a random thing; you need to develop a strategy that will allow you to share relevant content with your audience regularly.

Your brand visual elements should also be placed strategically on your social media pages so that it leaves a lasting impression in the minds of your audience.

Once your brand becomes recognized on social media, you will begin to attract more customers.


Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Small Business #3. Build Trust with Your Customers

Social media serves as a platform where businesses can connect with their customers and build trust with them. As you are planning on establishing your brand on social media to increase sales for your products, also develop a plan that makes you build a loyal following from among your audience.

Building trust with your customers is mainly dependent on the content you create and share with them. When building trust with your customers on social media, you should make sure that you are sharing authentic, relevant, and engaging content with your audience.

One of the ways to build trust with your customers on social media very fast as a small business is to leverage influencer marketing.

Collaborate with influencers in your niche and let them share personal testimonies about your brand to their audience.

Influencers have a trustworthy and loyal audience so it is easy for your brand to get a more loyal audience from the social media pages of the influencers. It is easier for their audience to believe whatever they say about your business because their stories are authentic and engaging.

Finding influencers for your brand requires a little work but platforms like Buzzsumo and Grin can make the search for finding relevant and authentic influencers easy. The platforms provide vital metrics like engagement rate, number of followers, and niche on the influencers which can guide you when it comes to choosing the influencer you want to work with.


Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Small Business #4. Monitor Your Competitors

Another benefit of social media is the ability to spy on your competitors.

This is not a crime.

Social media offers you the opportunity to keep an eye on what your competition is doing so that you can draw inspiration from them. You can go to their page and monitor the type of content they are posting and how they engage with their audience.

Draw inspiration from your competitor’s activities on social media and implement them on your page but don’t copy exactly what they are doing. You can get some content ideas from them and tweak them to suit your page and followers.

These tools can help you perform competitive analysis so that you learn from your competitor’s mistakes and successes.


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Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Small Business #5. Increase Traffic

There are many reasons why brands use social media and one of them is to drive traffic to their website, landing page, blog, store, or the product page.

You need to build a strong presence online by using social media for you to be able to channel your following into organic traffic to your website.

For you to get more organic traffic from social media, your brand presence should be strong on social media and your following should grow.

Use relevant and engaging content to build your following, ask your audience to like, comment and share your content, it helps you to reach more people on social media who can later become your audience if they realize that your content is relatable and valuable.

Always add a call-to-action to your content and refer them to check your website.


Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Small Business #6. Improve Rankings on Search Engine

Social media can also improve your search engine rankings when you put in the effort.

When you build a strong presence on social media, the number of people who come to visit your profiles affect your search engine rankings.

When you build your social media pages and link your website to it, the search engines get to know the engagement you receive on social media and they factor it into your website rankings. The more popular your social media profiles, the more your domain authority increases.

The number of likes, shares, and comments you receive on social media after sharing content from your website or blog also sends a signal to the search engines.

You can use PRO RANK TRACKER OR TINY ROCKET to track your rankings.


Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Small Business: Takeaway

You have a clear picture of how social media can be used to benefit your small business.

You have all the tips and tricks, but not all the strategies will work for your business. Test them one after the other, learn from it and continue to make adjustments.

Now it’s time to use the strategies to grow your business. If you have any questions or tips, you can drop them in the comments below.


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