5 Ways Social Media Marketing Has Changed Real Estate Business

5 Ways Social Media Marketing Has Changed Real Estate Business

Many businesses, including real estate, believed in traditional marketing’s power even when social media was gaining popularity. They rely on offline marketing in the form of word of mouth, newspaper advertising, etc. they believed their target market is not yet on these channels.

But a few years ago, the narrative has changed; they have seen the transformation that social media has brought to business and marketing. Many of the population spend most of their time on these social networks. For a business to target and reach more customers, it is advisable to establish itself as a brand on these channels. 

Leveraging social media for business isn’t easy, but the benefits which accompany it are enormously insane. We can see that businesses are now creating awareness of their brand presence on these social media channels. Real estate agents, mortgage companies are now very active on these platforms to build brand awareness, sales, conversions, etc. 

The real estate industry has changed its course towards the digital path….

Let’s look at how social media has changed the real estate business in recent times….


1. Powerful Branding

For effective marketing on social media, branding should be a core part of your business plan. Branding makes it possible for a business to build trust with its customers; it gives your customers a memorable impression about your business.

You can stand out among your competitors with the right brand strategy. Your customers will know what you offer exactly and why you are the better choice for them when it comes to working with a real estate agent.

Branding has made it possible for real estate agents and professionals to establish themselves as authorities in the real estate industry; now, they can have effective communication with potential clients and close more deals even before meeting with their clients. Branding has made it possible for real estate and property managers to build a reputation online.


2. Improved Customer Service

Better or improved customer relation brings in more customers, thereby increasing sales and closing more deals. Customer service plays a vital role in every business. Good customer relations will make a customer happy and trust you more.

The presence of social media has made it possible for real estate agents to communicate with their clients and potential clients anytime and any day. Customers can make any inquiry they want without leaving the comfort of their homes. Since customers can interact with real estate agents and get most of their questions answered, customer satisfaction has increased, increasing the customer acquisition process.  


3. Building Reputation

Social media has made it possible for businesses, especially real estate, to build a reputation online. Over the years, reputation building has been a challenge in the industry since it was tough for the industry to make customers trust and work with them. Now, they can post customer testimonials on their social media pages to boost the confidence of potential clients who want to do business with them.

Posting of premium relevant content with branded image builds credibility, which customers are likely to trust. Most real estate agents are using these channels to

build their reputation and, in the end, making more sales.


4. Target Interested Customers

One of the blessings social media brought to businesses is the ability to advertise/market to interested customers through targeting. The ads feature on Facebook gives them the ability to promote to a specific group of people in a particular jurisdiction.

Real estate agents have used ads to promote their business to interested clients, increasing their customer base and followers on the platform. The power of targeting creates chances of conversions, so more real estate agents are focusing on the platform.


5. Showcasing Of Property

Facebook and Instagram allow users to add images on their platform for effective marketing branding. The opportunity has made it possible for realtors to attract more clients to their properties by posting stunning videos and pictures. As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words” images and videos work best in the real estate industry.

To increase sales, real estate agents have employed the use of images and videos in their marketing strategy on the platform. Most real estate companies are using this strategy to cash out on the platform. 



Social media has made it possible for realtors to have effective branding, targeted more potential clients, built a strong and trustworthy reputation, and showcase their building projects to their audience. Investing in social media is never a waste of resources; they have the traffic; you just have to plug into their system and see your business grow enormously.

The contribution of social media to the real estate industry is many. Still, we can’t talk about them all, so we edge all real estate companies who are not yet on social media to start planning on leveraging the platform to their advantage.

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