5 Marketing Tips Digital Marketers Can Learn from Money Heist

5 Marketing Tips Digital Marketers Can Learn from Money Heist (Casa de Papel)

I know you might be wondering how on earth, the Netflix popular series Casa de Papel will give us any marketing tips as the series talks about eight Spanish criminals who have nothing left on earth to lose and decided to go rob the Royal Mint of Spain to print and send money home.

Well, the marketing tips I will be sharing with you are not what you are thinking about, so just relax, get your pen and paper and continue reading this article. At the end of the article, you will get some strategic marketing tips to implement in your business for maximum exposure and growth.

Casa de Papel (Money Heist) is a Spanish Drama series released in the year 2017. The story is about eight criminals who decided to rob the Royal Mint of Spain, print money, and go home without the shedding of blood. The whole robbery was planned and carried out by the team leader known as The Professor.

Money Heist is one of the most-watched and talked about series in the world. With its many layers and twist, there are many lessons we can take from it, and marketers are no exception to this.

The Spanish Drama series has some excellent marketing tips that I think digital marketers need to leverage and put into practice.

Let’s get started

5 Marketing Tips Digital Marketers Can Learn from Money Heist

1. Know Your Market and Target Audience Like You Know Your Name

We all saw how the Professor was able to develop counter-strategies to combat that of the police. And he was always a step ahead of the police.

He knew his market and target audience before embarking on his journey.

He studied his market and target audience deeply to know how to handle them when things do not go as planned.

Understanding and having in-depth knowledge about your market and target audience is key to surviving in the marketing space.

Knowing your market and understanding why customers take certain actions when they see different forms of marketing materials is paramount to determining how to make decisions and put your marketing strategy together.

Know what excites your audience, the type of content they consume, where they hang around on the internet, the brands they interact with, and many more. This will help you draw a master plan as the Professor did in Money Heist.


2. Strategic Planning

This is the stage that the Professor called his gangs to make plans with the information he gathered when he studied his market and target audience.

He planned the whole Heist strategically and made sure he had other contingency plans to fall on if something went wrong with the primary plan.

We could see that he mentioned the “Plan Chernobyl” and “Plan Cameroon” when he was drawing the master plan. Those were the contingency plan he had put in place in case the primary plan goes sideways.

Money Heist is a strategically planned activity by the Professor and his gangs with names of places in the world.

The Professor made sure that his research would help him draw a strategic plan that will eliminate all the necessary risks that might come up during the Heist.

What digital marketers need to learn from this point is that you need to strategically plan your marketing strategy based on the intensive research you made on your audience and market. And also, put a contingency plan in place should in case something goes awry.

Have a second strategy in place that you can easily fall on if your first plan hits an obstacle in the market.


3. Analyze Your Strength and Choose the Right Channel

The Professor analyzed the strength of the team and assigned roles to them. He knew what and where everyone needs to be.

He was at an advantage point where he could monitor the whole Heist from and allowed his team to be on the battlefield.

There were many channels they could use to run the Heist, but they used the channels that would work best for them.

Similarly, digital marketers need to analyze the strength of their team before embarking on their marketing journey. After analyzing the team’s strength, you need to identify the platform or channel you will use to distribute your content to reach the right audience you want to target.

Understand your team’s strength, your brand’s tone, the people you want to target, and the content format you will use before choosing your channel.

Content Format:

YouTube: Long video content

Instagram: Images and short videos

Facebook: Articles, Short videos

Target Audience:

Professionals: LinkedIn and Facebook

Young Adults: Tiktok, Snapchat, and Instagram


4. Create Your Marketing Policy

We could also see that Professor had a policy in place to regulate how things work during the Heist and outside the Heist for the whole group’s safety.

There were policies like not dating someone in the group, not using their real names, not revealing their identity to themselves, and many others. Unfortunately, some were broken by the group members. The policies were put in place to help them execute the Heist professionally and strategically so that everything will go smoothly.

If they had followed the policies strictly, the Heist would have been executed smoothly without the shedding of blood.

Digital marketers need to create a marketing policy for themselves before embarking on their journey.

Social media policies need to be created so that the team will know who needs to do this at this time and what needs to be done if an adversary attacks the team.

Your policy should include:

  • Define Responsibilities
  • Specify what’s confidential
  • Tone of voice
  • Dealing with conflict


5. Be proactive

You need to be proactive and stop blaming people when things go wrong.

We could see that Tokyo was impulsive and always moving away from the Heist original plan. But whenever she strayed away from the original plan, the team comes up with a strategy to stay in line with the plan and keep things moving rather than losing focus and pointing hands at each other.

As digital marketers, we need to be proactive in our thinking and have the ability to take responsibility when our plans don’t go as planned.

We should be able to plan and have measures and strategies in place that will adapt to changing trends in the industry.


6. Define Your Brand

Money Heist is a brand that stood for resistance. They defined their brand and made sure they stick to it. They were not stealing from anyone; they were printing their own money and made sure that they were not going to shed any blood during their execution.

Marketers need to define their brand, what they stand for and make it known to their audience. This makes your brand stand out in the minds of your audience, and they stay loyal to your brand.


7. Understand Your Teams Skill Set and Work Effectively with It

The Professor understood the team’s skillset and executed the plan according to their skill set.

The Money Heist Professor knew he is good at planning, so he took the planning aspect, and he allowed his team to take care of the execution.

Digital marketing requires a combination of many skills. Hence, as digital marketers, we need to upgrade our skills and analyze the skill set of the entire team to be able to assign the right roles to the team members for them to execute their duties effectively.


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Conclusion on marketing tips we can learn from Money Heist

Money Heist is not just one of the series that we love to watch and move on with our lives; it is a movement we want to move with.

Everyone wants to associate themselves with it. Everyone wants to talk about it on social media; they want to be the first to watch the episode once it is released on Netflix.

Isn’t that what we want our marketing strategy to do for our brand?

A marketing strategy that makes your brand stand out and brings excitement to your audience.

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