11 Easy Trendy Instagram Story Ideas to Wow Your Followers In 2021

11 Easy Trendy Instagram Story Ideas to Wow Your Followers In 2022

Are you using Instagram stories to increase brand awareness? Do you find it challenging to get trendy Instagram story ideas to wow your audience? If your answer is YES to the above questions, relax and enjoy this article.

If you are a brand or business establishing yourself on Instagram and not using Instagram stories, then you are missing out on a lot of reach this Instagram feature could offer you. From Statista, Instagram reported that its daily active story users grew from 400 million users in 2018 to 500 million users in 2019. So, not using Instagram stories means preventing your brand from reaching over 400 million users on the platform.

The question many people ask is, what exactly should I post on my Instagram story? What are the easy trendy Instagram story ideas I can implement to increase engagement?

In this post, we will share the trendy Instagram story ideas you can post on your Instagram stories to wow your followers.


11 Trendy Instagram Story Ideas to Engage Your Followers

1. Product/Service Promotion

Your Instagram story is a better place to introduce your product/service to your audience in a fun and exciting way without being “salesy.”

You can use your Instagram stories to get feedback from your product launches, promote your top-selling product. Or announce a new product launch.

Stories have many features that can make your content more interesting to your audience, including stickers, polls, videos, hashtags, photos, and many more. The opportunity you get while using Instagram stories is unlimited; all you need is your creativity.

When creating your Instagram story ideas for your product/service promotion. Answer questions like:

  • What your product/service solves
  • Why should your audience buy from you?
  • The pain points that your product will address


2. Instagram Story Takeover

Another trendy Instagram story idea is to do what we call an Instagram story takeover. This method involves you as an Instagram creator collaborating with similar Instagram creators in your niche and having them take over your story for a period.

This is a quick and easy way to provide fresh content for your Instagram story.

When you decide to do an Instagram story takeover, you should consider your audience and the type of content they are willing to consume.

The content from your Instagram story takeover shouldn’t be different from what you are already creating for your audience.

People to consider when doing an Instagram story takeover:

  • Influencers in your niche
  • Coworker
  • Employee
  • Brand ambassadors
  • Team members


3. Discuss Your Latest Post

Sharing your latest post to your Instagram stories and discussing it is another way to get more visibility for your content and engage your audience.

Most of your audience wouldn’t get the chance to see your post in your feed but might see them in your stories, so it is advisable to share your latest port in your stories.

Discussing your latest post in stories is also another way to drive your audience back to your feed for them to interact with your content. Because once they see your post in stories, they would like to read the entire post, which will get them to your feed.

Suppose it is a single post in which your audience can get all the information by just watching your stories. In that case, I recommend you covering part of the post in your stories with a sticker to increase curiosity so your audience would have to click to see the original post in your feed.


4. Share Customer Reviews or Testimonials

Sharing customer reviews or testimonials is another trendy Instagram story idea that most brands and creators are doing on their stories.

If customers are giving you reviews all over the internet for your products and services, you should be in a position to share those on your stories for your followers to see.

Reviews and testimonials go a long way to fetch you more clients and customers.

It should take you few minutes to screenshot your customer’s reviews or testimonials and share them directly to your Instagram story.

You can use free story templates on Canva to design something simple to share your customer reviews, or better, you can share the raw screenshot.


5. Conduct Polls

The poll sticker is a unique Instagram story feature that you can use in your story to engage your audience.

You can use polls creatively to engage your audience, gather information on their pain points, conduct market research, ask them what content they want you to cover in your next post, and many more. This is how you can directly interact with all your followers at once and know their concerns and struggles.

Use your creativity to engage your audience through poll stickers.


6. Create Stories with The Question Sticker

Another trendy Instagram story idea to engage your followers is by making use of the Instagram question sticker. This idea works similar to that of the poll sticker, but your followers can answer the questions in any format they want with this idea.

You can also reshare their answers back to your stories to boost engagement and build a strong connection between your brand and your followers.

You can use this method to gather content ideas that will help you create more content for your followers. Use the question sticker to ask your followers questions on different topics to get an idea of what to cover in those topics.


7. Share Your Favorite Quote

If you have a favourite quote that you think your audience would like, share them to your stories. It could be funny, motivational, thought-provoking, educational, etc.

As long as you think it will benefit your audience, you can share them to your story.

While sharing your quote to your story, you can add hashtags to them for more visibility to your brand or profile.


8. Giveaways and Contests

Giveaways and contests are another trendy Instagram idea that can increase your engagement rate drastically.

With giveaways and contests, you can ask your followers to perform certain activities that will help your brand in exchange for a prize from you. The prize could be a free sample of your product, a free one-on-one consultation, and many more, depending on your products and services.

You can ask your followers to perform any of the following activities:

  • Tag three friends in the comment section and ask them to follow your account
  • Share your post to their stories
  • Ask them to use a branded hashtag
  • Ask them to like your post and share it with friends


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9. Tutorials

Social media marketing is all about providing valuable content for your followers and audience. People come to follow your account to learn valuable lessons from you.

The best way to connect more with your followers is by making your account a place where they come to get all the top-notch content from the internet. When you create valuable content that teaches your audience how to perform certain actions and provide tips on a specific topic in your niche, it makes you connect more with you and engage with your content.

A great example of this trendy Instagram story idea are those graphic design influencers, beauty bloggers and influencers, and many others. They create tutorials on how to use certain products and post them to their stories for their audience to consume and engage with the content.


10. Throwbacks (#TBT)

Throwbacks, #TBT, #ThrowbackThursday is one of the trendy and popular hashtags on social media. It is used to bring back past memories. It is a perfect content idea for your Instagram story.

This is how it works, get a photo from your brand’s past and share it on your story, with the hashtag #ThrowbackThursday or #TBT. This is a way to tell or show your followers where your brand started and where you are now.

Some content ideas for #TBT:

  • Office space
  • Brand Logo
  • Your products and services
  • Number of workers
  • Your journey


11. Behind the scenes

Showing your followers a peek behind the scenes of your brand, how products are packaged, how employees work, and many more is a way to boost brand loyalty, trust, and transparency within your followers.

When your followers see more of you and what goes on behind the scenes of your business, they tend to connect more with you and increase engagement on your stories.

This type of content idea is for your Instagram stories. You can do that every Friday, so on Fridays, you post a behind-the-scenes of your business on your IG story.


Conclusion On Easy Trendy Instagram Story Ideas to Wow Your Followers

These trendy Instagram story ideas will wow your followers and increase engagement. If you are in front of your content calendar and wondering what to post on your Instagram story, these trendy Instagram story ideas should give you enough to get you moving.

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