10 Social Media Analytics Tools For Your Brand

10 Social Media Analytics Tools For Your Brand

Social media analytics tools should be a tool that every social media manager must have since it helps you know if your social media marketing strategy is working or not. You then prioritize your effort on what is working and invest more time and money there.

Brands mostly ask for weekly and monthly reports on your social media activities on their social profiles; this tool helps you create a social media performance report which you can share with them so that they will know the results your strategies are bringing to their marketing goals.

We are going to look at the various powerful social media analytics tools in this article. We will study both paid and free tools. You will also discover how to use the tools effectively for your social media strategies.

But before we go into that, let’s look at a few things about social media analytics tools…….

What Is Social Media Analytics Tools?

Social media analytics tools are tools that show you social metrics of the strategies and tactics that are working and those that aren’t working. This shows you where to focus your budget and efforts.


Why Should You Use Social Media Analytics Tool?

Social media analytics tools give you all you the social media metrics on your social media channels; it gives you an indebted analysis of how your strategies work on the various social media networks.

The tool also shows metrics from your social media campaigns on your social channels, competitor’s channels, industry, etc. Even though the native social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram give you access to view analytics on your social media pages, it can’t be compared to the valuable analytics this analytic tool shows you.

There are a lot of these analytics tools on the internet, but we have compiled the list of 10 of the best social media analytics tools for you.


Best Social Media Analytics Tools 2020

  • Sprout Social
  • Google Analytics
  • TapInfluence
  • Talkwalker
  • BuzzSumo
  • Union Metrics
  • Socialbakers
  • Snaplytics
  • Curalate
  • Hootsuite


   1. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a social media tool that is known for its cross-channel social media analytics feature. It combines multiple social media channels on its platform.

The tool allows you to get information from multiple social networks or just a single network based on your preference. You can quickly see the performance of your social media channels all at once or check your social profiles one by one.

You can check performances from your various social channels like Facebook page impressions, Twitter link clicks, performance on your Pinterest page, Instagram follower growth, and LinkedIn engagement, all on the platform.

Another powerful feature is that you can export the results you get from this tool to your Team, Boss, or Manager. You can either use their easy-to-understand custom report templates or create your custom report to suit your needs/company’s needs.

Get insight into trends, topics, industry, tags, etc. at your fingertips just by using Sprout Social. It also gives you information on your competitor’s activity, which will help you know how they are doing on the various social media platforms.


   2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is not entirely a social media analytics tool. Still, it does give you some powerful insight into metrics on the amount of traffic coming to your website from your social media profiles.

Once you set up analytics for your website, you will be able to track every single social media channel that drives traffic to your website and also get to find out which of your content is performing well.

You can use it to calculate your social media ROI, see how many leads and conversions (email signups, sales, trials, etc.) you get from social media, see which platforms give you more traffic, etc.

The reports you get from Google Analytics will further help you effectively develop a better marketing strategy for your business on social media.


   3. TapInfluence

As social media is becoming the center for every brand’s marketing campaign, it has also given birth to a new movement known as influencer marketing.

Marketers are now connecting with influencers in various industries to collaborate on marketing strategies for their brands.

Influencer marketing has become very difficult nowadays because many people go on social media to buy fake followers to grow their brand, making it look like they are successful in their industry, but the opposite is the reality. Working with these influencers will hurt your brand and waste your time and effort.

TapInfluence is an analytics platform that has made it possible for brands to identify the right influencers ready to work with them and provide a top-notch influencer marketing solution for their brand.

The analytics tool makes it easy to start influencer marketing and gives you metrics on your campaigns, including engagement rate, reach, views, conversions, and ROI. You can also measure the performance of all your campaigns against industry standards.


   4. Talkwalker

Talkwalker is an analytics tool that helps marketers find out where their brands are being mentioned in a conversation across social media. This helps in knowing how effective their campaigns and advertising is performing.

The tool monitors conversations from many sources across the web to analyze sentiments, emotions, potential reach, engagement, and comments.

You can stay up to date with all the topics trending online with the unique trending score. The tool shows you the latest trending issues without having to search for them.

The analytics tool can also show you metrics (sentiment, mentions, influencers) on other brands’ social conversations.

You can filter results based on demographics, region, content type, and more.


   5. BuzzSumo

Buzzsumo is known mostly as a content analytics tool than a social media analytics tool. Still, it does a beautiful job when it comes to giving you an overview of social shares on particular content.

The tool shows you the number of shares a blog post received on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Reddit. You also get to monitor the content competing with you for relevant keywords in your industry.

Social media networks are now one of the best content distribution channels on the internet. By knowing and studying social shares, you can identify the types of content that receive the most shares, which can help you plan your content strategy.

  • Content Discovery
  • Content Research
  • Influencers
  • Monitoring
  • API


   6. Union Metrics

Union Metrics is a social media analytics tool for every marketer or brand. It empowers you with the data that you need to build your brand.

The tool provides the analytics you will need to make an informed, effective marketing strategy. The analytics provided includes campaign reporting, keyword listening, profile analysis, competitive analysis, and research.

With Union Metrics, you get more than a standard crafted report – you get an intelligent assistant that will automate your metrics analysis and deliver powerful insights.

The social media analytics tool tracks and monitors metrics across multiple social media profiles, so you can get a full result on all your campaigns across the web.

They provide free tools like a Twitter assistant, Twitter snapshot report, and Instagram account checkup on their website.


   7. Socialbakers

Socialbakers is an analytics and social listening tool that takes the game to the next level with predictive content performance, AI analytics, and easy to compare competitor summaries.

It works for any industry size.

The tool has some unique built-in features like content creation hub, one-calendar publisher, and team collaborative community management, which makes it simple and quick to get the results you need for crafting your marketing strategy without having to jump from one tool to the other.

  • Audience Insights
  • Deep Content Intelligence
  • Performance Prediction with Content Grading


   8. Snaplytics

Snaplytics is an analytics tool that is designed to create and manage stories for Instagram and Snapchat. The platform measures analytics on stories for Snapchat and Instagram. It looks at analytics on open and completion rates, which gives your brand an idea of when story engagement peaks and drops.

Their robust features allow you to create content, distribute, measure impact, and deliver insights without any hustle.

  • User-Generated Content
  • Automated Analytics
  • Scheduled Publishing
  • Industry Benchmarks
  • Easy Take Overs
  • Story Monitoring
  • Auto Forward
  • Reporting
  • Permission Management
  • Messaging
  • API Access
  • Team Collaboration


   9. Curalate

If your brand is looking at leveraging social selling, then Curalate is the best platform for this task. Curalate allows you to use your audience and social content to sell effectively online.

Curalate has the power to make your social profile shoppable. You will get insight on the number of sales and clicks a product receives, which you can use in decision making when it comes to product strategy and future campaigns.

The tool can track product tags and mentions, making it possible to analyze user-generated content campaign performance.


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   10. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is known to be one of the best oldest social media analytics tools. Marketers have relied on it for scheduling and measuring the performance of content since its creation.

You will get a complete analytics report from Hootsuite, including metrics on your social media post such as comments, clicks, likes, reach, shares, video reach, and video views.

You’ll also be able to customize templates to track, monitor, and analyze performance on your social channels. You can export reports to CSV, PDF, PowerPoint, or Excel with just one click. The report is user friendly; you can share it with your Boss, Team, or clients.


How To Use Social Media Analytics Tools For Business Growth?

We have looked at how you can use social media analytics tools to track and monitor analytics on all your social media profiles. It is now vital to know how we can use it to make an informed decision when it comes to measuring our social media success and crafting a social media strategy.


Here’s A 3 Simple Step Process:

   1. Set Goals

It is important to set goals when planning every social media campaign/strategy. Analytics help you measure the success of your goals. The information you gather from the tools will help you understand the position of your social media strategy, whether you are achieving your goals or not.

   2. Track, Measure & Share Your Results

Use the analytics tools to track your progress towards achieving your goals.

Measure your marketing strategy results across all your social media networks and share the results with your team. Sharing your campaign results with the team will help motivate them if they see that they are meeting their goals so that they will put in more effort.

Sometimes you might not meet all your goals. But tracking and measuring your results will help you find the strategies that aren’t working so that you can readjust your plan towards achieving your goals.

   3. Test & Refine Your Marketing Strategy

The robust set of data made available through the analytics tools will help you find new information about your audience and how your strategy is working out. These will make you refine your marketing strategy and how you reach out to your audience.

You might learn new things like how your audience respond to your content, how they engage with it when they are most active online, and which content they interact with on each social network. These will help you know how to create content to target your audience on each social network.



Don’t think the native metrics you get from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn alone is enough information for making marketing strategy decisions. They don’t give you a complete overview of every important metric you need to know about your audience or business on their networks.

To get full information on social media metrics or analytics from your online activities, then it is wise to invest in one of the tools I discussed.

Using the tools, you can see what strategy works for your brand and create more campaigns around it.


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